That Darn Cliffie!

I had just finished reading the second of the five Heroes of Olympus books written by the great Rick Riordan and, I have to say, Rick Riordan delivers the story like never before–or should we say, as expected: with a lot of unexpected twists, torturous cliffhangers, unbelievable plot, wit, humor, and suspense, mixing mythology with the modern times.

The second book of the series, entitled Son of Neptune (hence, SoN) focuses on Percy Jackson and Camp Jupiter–the Roman camp for half-bloods, or demigods.  Having no recollection of his past–except for Annabeth’s face and her name–Percy is propelled into a quest that would not only save Camp Jupiter from the giants and monsters, and complete annihilation, but would also allow him to regain his memories again.

Throughout his journey with two of Camp Jupiter’s demigods–Franky and Hazel–they must forge forward and save Thanatos in order to keep the monsters from reviving too fast, making them immortal.  This book is riddled with so many unexpected turn of events, sacrifices, and it leads up to a hinted prophecy that would be fully expounded on the third book coming Fall next year: Mark of Athena.

The way Rick Riordan ended the book left a lot to be desired as Percy, upon regaining his memories, saving the camp, earning the trust of the Roman demigods, is suddenly warned of Annabeth who Juno/Hera says is going to be the most problematic for Percy the night before he and Annabeth are to be reunited.  Of course, said reunion doesn’t happen in the book but it does puts us in a situation where we can guess what could possibly happen, having it be hinted in the Prophecy of the Seven for which the Heroes of Olympus books revolve.

So, let’s take a look at the prophecy:


Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.

To storm or fire, the world must fall.

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.


Now, the first part of the prophecy has already been revealed.  The seven half-bloods to go on the quest are: Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhang.  The second part is still a bit muddy but speculation revolves around it being about Percy, Jason, or Leo.  Albeit, I have to say that I am guessing it has something to do with Annabeth considering the newest prophecy we have been given:

“Wisdom’s daughter walks alone,

The Mark of Athena burns through Rome.”


This prophecy is, as I have said, going to be the focus on the next book.  It is a prophecy delivered by Ella, the Harpy.  The third line, I believe, has something to do with a choice that Percy has to make, after swearing an oath to Camp Jupiter (you have to read the second book to find out) and would probably be revealed on the fourth book.  As for the fourth, well, my guess is that we’ll know all about it in the fifth and final book which is slated to come out in the Fall on 2014–still a looooong ways away.

So, anyways, that’s my take on it.  I really can’t believe how Rick Riordan could just torture his readers by ending SoN like that.  Seriously, it was cruel!  Now I can’t wait until Fall next year for Mark of Athena to come out! *grumble*grumble*

Still, Rick Riordan does it again!  The story is superb in every way possible!  You can never guess what happens next and you will be at the edge of your seat when you read it–especially in the later parts considering another prophecy Ella had stated (read the book!).

Now, Beautiful Chaos is another book I’m looking forward to reading and it’s coming out soon!  For those who have yet to buy and read this series, you have no idea what you’re missing!  Go on!  Buy the books!  It’s one of the best out there!

On a bit of a side note, I’ve updated my fanfic Game Over with the latest chapter.  You can check it out by heading to this link!

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