Long Live Play

There are a bunch of advertisements out there.  I mean, come on!  Turn on the television and you’d get one practically every five-minutes or so.  But, it is rare to see a console advertisement in the Philippines.  So, when I came across this particular gaming console’s advertisement, I was awed.

Most console advertisements–heck, maybe even all advertisements–like to focus on what their product can do.  The features and stuff like that.  What makes their product special.  So few advertisements actually focuses on the customer in a way that this particular advertisement does.

“Long Live Play” is a brand campaign for Sony’s PlayStation 3.  And this advertisement is for that particular console.

It’s a pretty amazing and impressive advertisement which features 25 iconic game characters from Kratos to Sackboy paying homage to an omnipotent being, Michael, who represents PlayStation gamers everywhere.

For gamers, this was a chance to see some of their favourite characters from the over sixteen years of PlayStation history reimagined for the real world. Produced with a high attention to detail, the spot even features the voice actors from the games to lend authenticity.

And while seeing digital characters fleshed out will impress players first, it is the message of the piece that Sony wants stay with them. “The hero of the spot is actually Michael. And that is a unique approach to gaming,” said Scott Steinberg–Vice President of Product Marketing at Sony.

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