Third Interlude Chapter For ‘Game Over’ Up On FFN!

Well, that’s a mouthful–the title of this post, I mean.  But, yeah, that’s basically what this whole article is about.

Despite having said that I would not be updating or publishing any new chapters for my Daniel X fanfic Game Over, I still ended up doing the exact opposite by publishing this third interlude chapter that marks the half-way point of the story.  This chapter is, by far, one of the longest chapters in this particular fan fiction.

The whole story is actually complete, to be honest.  I’ve completely written all of the chapters and am merely uploading and publishing them on FFN.  Hence, I have began to wonder if I should write a sequel.  It is no secret that Game Over was written with Daniel facing against Number 2 in mind.  Which means that, no matter what happens in this fanfic, Daniel will not be facing against The Prayer…not yet anyways.

Which is why I am thinking of writing a sequel in which the whole story will focus on Daniel’s preparation before he confronts his arch-nemesis.  And then, should I go ahead with that fanfic, I would probably end up writing a third fanfic which would then focus on Daniel X and the Prayer.  I’m not sure about whether I would write about it yet and what title I am going to give the sequel should I write it since the title ‘Game Over’ that I used was actually the title James Patterson used for the fourth Daniel X book–which I had mentioned, did not satisfy me.

Anyways, you can read the newest chapter to my version of Game Over–aka my fanfic–by heading to FFN’s Daniel X archive and searching for it there, or by simply clicking this link provided which will directly take you to the newest chapter’s page.

With that said, I hope readers will enjoy said chapter.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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