DCTP Releases Quarter of Silence

It has been well-over a year since the 15th movie from Detective Conan was first shown in cinemas across Japan.  People, particularly fans of the series who do not understand Japanese, have long waited for the Detective Conan Translation Project (DCTP) team to translate the movie for them.  And, since the bluray (as I am told) had just been released this fall in Japan, it was only then that DCTP worked on said movie as they wanted to deliver the best quality that they could with one of the longest-running anime/manga series around.

Below is a quote from the DCTP Movie 15 forums regarding this release:

That time of year has finally come for Detective Conan fans the world over. After just over a week of very intense work, DCTP is ready to release the 15th and latest movie from our beloved franchise for all to enjoy. Many, many hours went into making this release what it is, so we are hopeful you will like it!

This movie, it should be noted, has more lines than any other Conan movie to date (it has nearly 200 more than Movie 14, which was already quite long). Overall, the script is equal to roughly six or seven episodes of the TV anime combined. Everyone worked all hours of the day over the past week to bring this out in the highest possible quality we could, but our time with Movie 15 isn’t over just yet. For today, we have the SD versions (in both XviD & H264, as usual), but next month—at the end of November—the Blu-ray will be released in Japan. As soon as it is available, we will begin work on making available both 720p and 1080p versions.

Oh, and speaking of Conan movies, we aren’t forgetting about the others, either. We recently released a DCTP version of Movie 8, Magician of the Silver Sky, in full 1080p (along with 720p and SD editions) and of course did the same for Movie 14. To ensure the highest possible quality version of each and every Conan movie is made available, DCTP will be doing new translations and new work for all of the movies we have not yet released. That’s right: we will be re-translating all of the movies we haven’t already and will be releasing them in SD, 720p, and 1080p. Next up is… the first movie, The Time-Bomb Skyscraper! You can keep up with that project here on the forums and put in your vote for which you’d like to see after that in this topic! DCTP has always been about producing definitive releases, and that’s exactly what we plan to do when it comes to the movies, both new and old!

Earlier this year, we also made good on our goal that many considered impossible of seeing that every episode of the Detective Conan anime was available subtitled in English. We will continue to work on older anime episodes in need of updated versions to ensure that, eventually, there will be a definitive Conan collection available in only the highest quality.

Of course, DCTP is dedicated to seeing both the anime and the manga through to the end. We will continue to do all of the latest anime episodes and manga files at the quality you expect to ensure English Conan fans are always up to date and up there with the best of them.

To keep up with all the latest DCTP updates, you can visit the usual sites and of course the forums as well as follow us on Twitter @dctpws. We will have much more in store for you soon, including allowing you to decide one of our next projects… directly!

Thanks to everyone that has supported us all these years, and hopefully we will all be watching Conan together for many more to come! Enjoy the movie!


So, kudos to DCTP for making Detective Conan fans all-over the world happy with their translations.

Quarter of Silence — the 15th movie, can be downloaded or streamed using the links below:

GROUP — DCTP (Detective Conan Translation Project)
FILESIZE — 1.4 GB (XviD Release) / 2.1 GB (H264 Release)
DATE — 10/26/11
TORRENT — XviD Torrent DownloadH264 Torrent Download
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— FileServe — PART 1PART 2
H264 Direct Downloads
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— FileServe — PART 1PART 2PART 3(Uploading now!)
ConanTV — Available for Streaming Now!

You can also download and watch the side-story for this particular movie (if you haven’t already, since this has been released way, way back) by using the links provided below:

GROUP — DCTP (Detective Conan Translation Project)
FILESIZE — 234 MB (XviD Release) / 250 MB (h264 Release)
DATE — 04/28/11
TORRENT — XviD Torrent Downloadh264 Torrent Download
SD DDL — FileServeMegaUploadHotfile
HD DDL — FileServeMegaUploadHotfile
ConanTV — Streamed Here

Once again, a big thank you and congratulations to DCTP!  Stay tuned for the release of the next case file!

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