Terminal Disk: The Recordings, Disk I



These are the extra chapters, the contents of the disk that Daniel and his drang found while in Void’s game. Do not read this unless you’ve read the whole fanfic! You have been warned.  For reviews, comments, criticisms regarding these recordings, you can use the comment box below this post.


Daniel X: Game Over
The Recordings
Disk One: The Reason


Hello, Daniel X.

If you are listening to these recordings then that would mean either of two things: you have nothing to do and are reminiscing about The Game and what you have learned there, or something had happened that didn’t allow me to completely tell you my story and that you are hearing these words for the first time. I don’t know which to hope for more. I suppose it is the former of the two reasons as that would mean that you have been successful in more than just one endeavor.

As I am unaware of what the circumstances you are in at the moment while listening to me speak, I will speak as if you knew nothing about the game and of who I am. So, let me first introduce myself.

Throughout my life, I have been known by many names–many aliases. Void is one of them. The other is Khadagh–a name given to me by Altrea and Graff–your parents. Or maybe I should say our parents.

Before you jump into any conclusion, let me just clear something up. I am not your long, lost, older brother. I am not Altrea and Graff’s prodigal son. I am, bluntly put, you. A you from a different time, a different space. A you from the future.



I hope you aren’t eating or drinking anything because I wouldn’t want you to choke on it. If you did end up spitting whatever food or beverage was on your mouth, I am sorry about that. I know what a shock that must be to hear, and I can picture how you would react to that. I’ll give you a couple of minutes to do so. You can start with denial since that’s where I would usually start.




Are you done? I hope so because there are a lot more things you were learn–things that may come as a shock to you–from these disks and I wouldn’t want to give you a couple of minutes to compose yourself on each and every one of them. I am sure you had asked me on several occasions while I was playing as the villain for the truth and I am giving you that truth now. So, just man-up and listen, and please don’t throw a tantrum. You did ask for this.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Like I’ve said, I am you. But, I would prefer that you call me ‘Khadagh’ instead of Daniel. And, if the rest of the drang is listening, I would prefer if they call me that, too. I wouldn’t want us to be confused. Besides, I have stopped using that name–the name Daniel–since I was eighteen years old, when I first started calling myself ‘Void’. And, if you must know, that had been five years ago. My time.

I came from a time and space a lot different from yours. You can think of it as a parallel world. So even if we are both Daniel X, we are still not the same person. We do have a couple of similarities, though. Both of us became orphans at a very young age, both of us can use a rare kind of power, both of us can travel through time–but I suppose you are still trying to work on that, both of us swore vengeance on The Prayer, both of us lost more than just our family and our friends, but also our home.

But that is where our similarities end. Because what happened after we started hunting aliens is different for both of us.

In my timeline, I never learned about the truth behind the drang. I never knew that they were real, or the story about the academy being destroyed and the Alparians not being able to find their bodies. I defeated Ergent Seth before he had a chance to fool me, before he could do the things he did to you and so I never returned to Alpar Nok until much later.  Because of that, I had lived my life believing that Dana, Willy, Emma, and Joe are just people conjured from my mind in order to fight the feeling of loneliness away.

I was feared in the inner and outer worlds as an Alien Hunter and I made a show of every, single one of my kills. The name Daniel X stroke fear to the hearts of the outlaws–all but two: The Prayer and Undinogh. Number One and Two, respectively. They were my most heated adversaries. The last two alien outlaws in The List. And I was obsessed in eradicating them both.

But then came my eighteenth birthday. The day that changed it all. Because it was the day that my powers grew and the day when I ended up completely and utterly alone.



They say that there is a price to pay for power. I said that I believed that but I never actually understood it until that day. Because, as my powers grew to the point that I was certain The Prayer and Undinogh wouldn’t stand a chance, I managed to create–out of nothing–a frighteningly strong weapon: The Age of Ruin.




I believe you are already familiar with that weapon. It had manifested already in you, even if you haven’t used it yet…but you will use it. I can tell that much. The Age of Ruin is a weapon that balances out our power. The ‘yin’ to our power of imagination and creation. It is a weapon that shoots streaks of light to corrode, or destroy, something–anything that stands in its line of sight. It is, as I have said, a frighteningly strong weapon and with it I began to have this mentality that I can do things by myself. That I didn’t need anyone’s help. That I was invincible and that no one can stop me.

That belief that I didn’t need anyone, and my constant use of the dark-side of our power, slowly sucked my ability to summon my parents and my friends from my imagination and memory. At first, I thought it was just a hitch in my powers, a trifle matter that can be resolved. But soon I realized that that wasn’t it. I tried hard to bring them back, but no matter what I did, it was already too late. My power gave me so much but it also took the important things out of my life–the people I cared about, loved, and took for granted.

I felt like a void. A star that had died and had left nothing but a black hole in its wake. Anger, betrayal, shame, confusion filled me until I finally threw the name ‘Daniel X’ away and took on another appearance, another identity. An identity that said it all. Void.

I staged my own death as Daniel X before that, of course. So you can imagine the surprise when news broke out that I was dead. You can also imagine the surprise when another Alien Hunter, a fiercer, more powerful Alien Hunter took his place.

As I am talking to you, a younger me, I pray that you would not experience the same thing as I had. I pray that you do not forget that power can corrupt a person. That no man is an island, no man can stand alone. That true strength lies at the strength of the bonds we share with others. Because all that crap you just heard is true. And I was a fool not to have known that sooner.

So on I went wrecking fear and havoc to the hearts of evil aliens everywhere. I no longer stayed in Terra Firma, on Earth. That place just held too many painful memories that outweighed the good ones. I was just minding my own business–which basically meant hunting down and finally catching up with Undinogh–who, with the belief that Daniel X was dead, forgot everything about him and focused on taking control of one planet after another–and fighting with him, when suddenly a time portal appeared and out stepped two people that I never thought I would see again.


Altrea and Graff. Mom and dad.


It wasn’t a tearful, heart-felt reunion as you might have imagined. The moment they saw me, they yanked me into the portal, dragging the fight I was in along with them. That is how powerful our parents are, Daniel. Their time jumps can drag not just the person they came for, but if they’re not careful, it can also drag the things around them. So, when we landed into this space, this timeline, it wasn’t just the three of us. Undinogh and a couple of his men–as well as their space ship–was dragged along as well.

Altrea and Graff knew the danger that would come if we let an Undinogh from an alternate future let loose. And even though it was a taboo in time travelling, they helped me deal with him. With their help, I managed to emerge victorious and the Undinogh from my time ended up being a prisoner to a world of our creation.

After the battle, and after sealing the rift, they explained to me why they did what they did. Why they went to the future to find me and bring me here to an alternate timeline.



I told you that your parents helped me create The Game, right? You see, I wasn’t lying, was I?



Before they told me their story, I had thought that what had happened to my parents–our parents–was an ambush of some kind. I thought they were unprepared. So, when they told me that The Prayer was making his move and that they know he was going to come after them and the probable outcome of such confrontation, I was distraught. I asked them why they chose to die like they did–because that is what happened and they knew that that would be the ultimate outcome of their confrontation with The Prayer–instead of fighting.

The answer they gave me was this: “We couldn’t risk fighting against him. We may be strong but we are no match for The Prayer. But we know someone who is…you.”

Of course, I laughed at the absurdity of it and told them that I couldn’t fight their battles, especially battles in a different time and space, an alternate timeline. But they told me they didn’t want me to do that. They wanted my help for something different. They wanted me to help you.

Do you know when that day was in your life when they came to get me, Daniel? It was the day before The Prayer came to your house to murder your parents. The day before your whole world changed, and your destiny along with it.

A day. That was all it took to make preparations for your training. They were supposed to send you over to me the following day but then…well, we all know what happened. But, even as I knew where you were, what you were fighting against, or how your life was going, I couldn’t help you. Altrea and Graff, they told me not to. Warned me not to lift a finger to help, unless it was for the sake of your training. They wanted you to learn how to be independent, to grow strong, and to face the challenges on your own and grow with it.

And so I watched, and waited, and was fascinated of the choices you made when it came to the events that I, myself, had lived through. Because you didn’t make the same choices that I did, the same mistakes that I did. And because you didn’t turn out the way I did.





End. First Disk.

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