Terminal Disks, The Recordings: Disk II



These are the extra chapters, the contents of the disk that Daniel and his drang found while in Void’s game. Do not read this unless you’ve read the whole fanfic! You have been warned.  For reviews, comments, criticisms regarding these recordings, you can use the comment box below this post.


Daniel X: Game Over
The Recordings
Disk Two: The Lessons


Sorry about that, Daniel.

I ran out of space on the disk.

You would have thought that since this was an alien-tech disk we’re using it would house a much longer recording than that. Well, under normal circumstances that would have been true. Unfortunately, I had to use ninety-five percent of it for encryption, to make sure that no one–apart from you and your friends–would ever be able to decipher what is in these disks.

So, now you know who I am and where I came from. Perhaps you are now wondering how I ended up with your friends and with Willy and Emma’s parents–Windsor and Graciella.

I am not sure how much those two have told you. But, let us pretend that you are clueless about all of that.




I learned about the existence of Alparian children being held captive by Ergent Seth months after the First Strike. I had started on my insider job. Spying on the top-tier alien outlaws, working my way to be one of them and to learn their secrets, gain their trust–a bit of it anyway since they don’t really trust anyone. As good an actor I am–which I am, if I do say so myself–I managed to fool them into thinking that I was a bad-ass alien out to reign havoc and terror into the hearts of every known specie in the galaxy. It wasn’t really hard, I just had to switch to a different audience than the ones I was used to.

I’ve heard about them–the children–straight from Seth himself who was gloating over his accomplishments of not only destroying Alpar Nok but also of capturing Alparian children whom he said he would use to raise a team of ‘Alien Hunter Hunters’. I knew that I couldn’t let him do that. And so I befriended the alien outlaw, learned more about the children as much as I could without arousing suspicion. But Seth did start to become suspicious of me and he stopped divulging his secrets before I could ask where he was keeping the children.

Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t see through my act. He thought that I was trying to take the children from him to get credit for his plans. It never crossed his mind, nor the minds of the others–especially The Prayer and Undinogh–that I wasn’t one of them. It never crossed their minds that an Alien Hunter–albeit one from a different time and space–was spying on them.  I like to think that one of the reasons why was because they lacked the imagination to think that someone would do something like that.

Still, I was lucky, I suppose, that they didn’t figure that out.

Now, I came unto a dilemma. How was I suppose to rescue those children if I didn’t know where to look for them? And then I remembered about sensor-type Alparians. I raced to Alpar Nok hoping against hope that there would be Alparians left and that at least one of them would be a sensor.

My luck held. There wasn’t just one. There were two of them.

I told these two sensor-type Alparians who I was. Who I really was. At first they didn’t believe me but I gave them enough proof to trust me. Things that only Altrea, Graff, and their child could possibly know. When I gained their trust, and made them promise not to let anyone know my real identity, I told them why I needed their help. They agreed to help me to save the children. Of course, during that time, neither of them thought that two of those children would be their own.

It took us a long time, but finally we found it. Seth’s ship where they were keeping the children locked up and experimented on.

We were about to bust in there and save them when, lo and behold, they escaped by themselves. It didn’t take a while for Windsor and his wife, and for me, to realize who those children were. Willy and Emma’s parents were ecstatic, and so was I. But, at the same time, it felt bitter-sweet for me. I kept thinking that, if they were alive in this parallel world, would that also mean that they were alive in my own timeline? And, if so, what had happened to them there?

Even now I do not know the answer to that question. And perhaps, as I am stuck here with the promise I made to your parents, I will never find the answer to that question…



It was also during that time that I came up with a plan. A plan to not only help you, but help the drang reach their potential. Because I knew, I knew they had found their powers. There was no way they could have escaped Seth otherwise. It took a lot of convincing for both Windsor and Graciella, but after a while they both agreed. And so, I created another level in the prison where Undinogh was being kept. Another world that would act as a game for those that I send to it.

As soon as we got hold of the escape pod that Emma, Willy, Joe, and Dana had used, I disguised ourselves–me, Windsor, and Graciella, as well as the others who had come to help–as evil aliens. And we pretended to kidnap them before throwing them into The Game.

But, the thing was, not all of them had developed their powers. There was one who was a late bloomer. Dana.

It was dangerous to let her stay there and so we took her back out and I sealed her memories to make it easier for me to train her and to learn just what, exactly, her powers are. Before long, The Game began to transform as I saw the potential behind it. It could serve as a training ground and a prison. And that was what I made it to be. A training ground for you and your friends, and those who wanted to learn to fight the alien outlaws and become Alien Hunters themselves, and a prison for the alien outlaws to live their lives under sentences.

Not everyone knew about the double-nature of The Game, however. Those who sought to become Alien Hunters were mostly Alparians who only knew half the truth about me. I knew the danger that I was putting myself and these…cadets…and so I decided to camouflage The Game into something else…an entertainment for alien outlaws. That earned me the favor of Undinogh, which was ironic.

But, with his favor came another problem. He was too curious about my workings. And his curiosity came to my ship along with a group of scientists and supporters for his cause. And so, I had to act like a dictator to them. Everyone who knew the truth and was disguising with the truth worked with me to keep this outsiders from learning anything more than they should. Hence, The Game simply no longer became a training ground and a prison for outlaws, but it was also turned into a prison for the outlaws’ enemies and a source of entertainment for The Prayer and Undinogh.




I know that the history of The Game can sound confusing, believe me, keeping the training hidden–not to mention a number of other dangerous secrets–can cause one to be confused from time-to-time. Everyone knew what was going on in that game. Everyone except you, Emma, Willy, Joe, and Dana. We all agreed it was for the best. And, to make it more believable, I played an even more sinister villain. And if you hated me as much as you said you did, I can safely say that I had played my part well. I fooled, not only you, but your four friends as well.

And…if things did turn out as I expected them to, I apologize for causing you grief and pain. For making you see what could happen to your friends. For making them disappear before your very eyes. And, for making you think, for a moment or two, that they truly are dead, or simply another creation born from our power.

I also wish to apologize for the whole ordeal of your capture that we put you into, and the whole act that came along with it. I have to admit that with each and every meeting we had, each time I contacted you in the game, I feared that you might learn about the truth far sooner than we would like. I was worried that you might not get the chance to learn the things your mother and father wanted you to learn; the things they wanted me to teach you.

Because, like I have said, that was the ultimate goal of all this.


That was the reason why I was here.


To teach you. To train you. To remind you.


Or so I thought…


Altrea and Graff. They knew more than they were letting on. Because you weren’t the only one they wanted to learn from all this. They wanted for me to learn a thing or two as well. They wanted me to remember things that I have forgotten, things I have thrown away, things I have continued to take for granted…


You weren’t the only one to have learned something from all of this. I did, too.





End. Second Disk.

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