Terminal Disks, The Recordings: Disk III



These are the extra chapters, the contents of the disk that Daniel and his drang found while in Void’s game. Do not read this unless you’ve read the whole fanfic! You have been warned.  For reviews, comments, criticisms regarding these recordings, you can use the comment box below this post.


Daniel X: Game Over
The Recordings
Disk Three: The Future


I have mentioned the lessons that your parents wanted me to teach you and to remind you. Chances are, if you’re listening to these recordings, you’ve learned them all or you have been made aware of them. The Game, as I have stated in the previous disks, was tailored for you, Daniel, to learn through experience in an environment that–without your full-knowledge–is being manipulated, or controlled, to do just that.

Granted, you know that The Game was my creation. You probably thought I was doing it out of being sadistic, tyrannical, and maybe out of the belief that I have the powers of a god. Still, you played the game as if your life was in peril. As if it was for your survival and the survival of your friends. And that is important. It is important that you thought of the game as being real. That if you die in the game, you die in real life…which is also why we made it so that whatever wounds you get from within the game, you also feel and obtain in your physical body outside of the game.

The lessons began as soon as you got into The Game, the moment you realized that you lost your powers and it ended when you realized what truly makes you who you are as an Alien Hunter. What sets you apart from a mercenary or a killer. What makes you worthy of Altrea and Graff’s powers.




I do hope you have learned the final lesson, and I hope you remember what that is. If not, I am sorry to say that I won’t be reminding you about it in this recording. No, the lessons you have learned you have to keep and have to constantly remind yourself. If you forgot them, you have to learn them again. But I do hope that you don’t because that would seriously piss me off.




This is the final Terminal Disk that would actually contain something, Daniel X. The others you have found are merely dummy files and back-ups of the original. My confession is not yet complete until I tell you the other promise I gave your–our–parents.

I promised them that I would teach you everything I know in their place and that I would keep you alive. That I would give you a fighting chance against The Prayer and Undinogh without interfering in your battles–for these are the battles you and your friends would have to fight on your own. Because of that, even though you have completed the game, you would still need to train. And you need to train with me. Alone.

I can only given you a short amount of time to rest–to recuperate–until I come for you, to take you and train you and make you ready for your battle. Your friends will also do the same, but they will be learning from aliens who can guide them with their powers, provided that all goes according to plan. You see, the broadcasts that I had been sending to The Prayer and the others were tampered with. They are delayed, and in some cases, completely opposite of what happened. Depending on when you read this, you may have a week, or half-a-year at most, before the end of the broadcasts. That is how long the signals would take to die. Before The Prayer comes looking for you–for us–with a vengeance. He hates being played with, after all.

I won’t take you away as soon as you’ve recuperated. I’m not that heartless as to not allow you time to reconnect with your friends.  I’ll let you live a bit peacefully for a time. Because that time will be the last time where there would be peace. Once The Prayer and Undinogh have been rattled enough to really fight back, the world, as you know it, will change.




Like our parents before us–and, like you–I have the power to time travel. But, I can’t travel to my own timeline, not anymore. I can only travel forward or back in your timeline and, what I have seen in the future of your timeline, should we fail, is the wrath of The Prayer.

His revenge would not only be directed at you, but in what you stand for. It will fall heavy on Terra Firma–the planet you protect and care for as your own home. Should he defeat you…and kill you…he will take everything that reminds him of you away from that planet, and all the others like it.

Courage. Hope. Love. Peace. Creativity. Imagination. Books. Music. Movies and television shows. Poems. Friendship and camaraderie. He will take all of that away until all that is left in the worlds that are in his hand are fear, despair, hate, anger, helplessness, betrayal.


It is a grim future. A future that only you and the drang can change.  It is a future that will only come to fruition if all of you fail.


But I will not allow you to fail.  I will help you change that future by teaching you all that I know before we run out of time.


…And, Daniel, we are running out of time.





End. Third Disk.

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