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As promised, there are three ‘extra’ or ‘special’ chapters to my fanfic, Daniel X: Game Over.  These chapters are exclusive SnK chapters–meaning you won’t be able to read them anywhere else.  Not even in my tumblr blog.

You don’t particularly need to read these chapters in order to understand what happens in the sequel.  However, if you want to have a little bit of closure–learn Void’s history, his reasoning, and the back story behind the game, then you won’t want to bypass these chapters.

‘The Terminal Disks’, which is what these chapters are called, are the first of (probably) a series of extra chapters surrounding the fanfic.  I will (probably, again) add more, if an idea pops in my head.  But, for now, the Terminal Disks would have to do.



What exactly are the Terminal Disks?

In the Daniel X: Game Over fan fiction that I wrote, these are the disks that Daniel and the drang found while they were in ‘The Game’, or what has been called ‘Void’s Game’.  These are the “unhackable”, mysterious disks that came out of the Safe Zone when they were asked to choose for a reward.  When Joe was first introduced to these disks, he tried playing them in his Symbiote.  However, he was unable to read any data from it.  It is only through the gadget that Khadagh had instructed Daniel to study and to recreate later on that they were able to learn what was inside these disks.

As these “disks” contains information that could spoil the story, it is advice that you read it after reading through the fanfic on FanFiction.Net.  When I had finished writing the three chapters, I had planned on releasing it as an audio rather than as chapter formats since the Terminal Disks from the fanfic holds messages recorded and spoken to Daniel and the drang.  Unfortunately, at the moment, I have yet to find a voice actor or a volunteer who would want to do the recording (if there are any interested parties, contact me).

I had also planned on making a short animation for the Terminal Disks but, same as with the audio recording idea I had, I had to give that one up too for the same reason and because of time constraints.  However, that is not to say that I will never make a video of it–animation or otherwise.  Hopefully, for the moment, the transcripts would be enough.

The following are the links to the contents of the Terminal Disks:

The Recordings.  Disk I: The Reason

The Recordings.  Disk II: The Lessons

The Recordings.  Disk III: The Future

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