My 2011 Christmas Wishlist *Updated*

It is the last day of November, less than twenty-four hours before December comes rolling in.  Like last year (and, although I didn’t publish it the year before, I also did something similar), I decided to put together a list of what I want for Christmas.  Having a birthday that is on the same month as the Yuletide Season, however, I suppose you can think of this as a birthday wishlist as well (although, it kinda sucks when people roll in my birthday and Christmas presents into one, lol).

So, let’s start with the list, shall we?


By now, friends and family, and even those who read my blog, would know that I am a book enthusiast.  I enjoy reading books.  And I take good care of the books I own so much so that my mom always comments on how you wouldn’t think I have read any of the books judging from how they look so brand new that I could probably sell them and they would not look used at all.  Of course, I don’t plan to sell those books because I reread them every once and a while.

Sadly, this December, there aren’t that many books that would be released.  Next year, however, is a different story.  Apart from Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare, there isn’t a book coming out that is on my watch list this month (although I would probably buy a book or two this December if I find anything good at the bookstore).

Having said that, however, there are three book series that I would like to get for Christmas this year.  One of them aren’t on the new releases section and are series that I had been trying to get my hands on but failing miserably for a year now.  The other series is pretty new but I haven’t found the second and third books while the third is a new book written by one of my favorite authors.

Below’s the more detailed information about these books:

Echoes From The Edge Trilogy by Bryan Davis is the first book series mentioned above.  It’s the book series I have been trying so hard to find but I couldn’t find anywhere in the Philippines and I am not allowed to use my dad’s credit card extension for now (plus, I don’t have my own debit card to pay for this) which makes it impossible for me to order it on  This series has three books: Nightmare’s Edge, Eternity’s Edge, and Beyond the Reflection’s Edge.

I just realized that the second book written by Hilary Duff, which is the sequel to Elixir, entitled: Devoted was already out months ago.  Now, I add this to my wishlist and hope that when we go back to Manila, I will be able to find this book and buy it!

Having a hard time looking for the sixth book of the Ghost Huntress series (by Marley Gibson), so that’s joins my short list of books for my christmas wishlist.

Also, there’s a book that has been intriguing me for a while now.  It’s Marie Lu’s Legend.  I’ve been hearing positive feedback about it and want to read it for myself.  So…yeah.  Legend is now part of my wishlist.

Monster High is another book series that I have started reading a couple of months back.  Written by Lisi Harrison. I only have the first book, however, as the second and third books are pretty hard to find and have yet to reach Lucena.  Those two books of the series (The Ghoul Next Door and Where There’s a Wolf, There’s a Way) are the books that I am missing in my collection.  Given the chance, I would buy them.

Scorpio Races is a book written by Wolves of Mercy Falls author Maggie Stiefvater.  It’s a couple-of-months-old book that have yet to reach Lucena (it sucks to live here sometimes, it takes weeks, and even months, before new books reach us!).  I have only read the sample chapter from this book and I loved it, thus the search for said book began and have yet to finish.

So there, the books that I would like to get for Christmas.  Told you guys it wouldn’t be a long list with that.  Next year is a different story, however, and I already have my calendar filled with release dates for the books that I would like to get my hands on.

Video Games

Books aren’t the only things that I like.  If I have some more free time and, given the right game, I enjoy playing video games as well.

Nintedo 3DS.  I know.  It costs a lot and it costs even more if you plan to buy it in the Philippines…unless, you buy from DataBlitz where the price for this console is close enough to the suggested retail price released by Nintendo, especially after the price drop.  This however, is probably something I would buy for myself or would ask my parents to pitch in to help me buy it.  Finally got my hands on a 3DS.  Of course, I would also get my hands on a PSP Vita once it comes out on February 22, 2011.

With the 3DS, I have added two more items on my 2011 Wishlist: a US eshop card that would allow me to buy games from the Nintendo 3DS eshop, and a 3DS game…which is either of the following titles: Pokemon Rumble Blast, Mario Kart 7, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, Cave Story 3D, or Animal Crossing 3DS…which must all be in the US or North American version since that’s what version my 3DS is.

PlayStation Move.  Even though we already have a Kinect and I am enjoying it on XBOX 360, there are still some games in the PS3 that are only move compatible that I would like to play and, since we don’t have a PS Move yet, this accessory goes into my Christmas Wish List.

NCIS: The Game is one of the video games I would like to have and play as I am a fan of the show from which this game was based.  I am also a fan of detective games and books.  This game is available for both the XBOX 360 and the PS3 but, considering how the 360 is region-locked, I would like to get this game for the PS3 instead (plus, it’s easier to buy the DLCs should there be any for this game).

XBOX 360 Gold Membership or PlayStation Plus Membership.  Not exactly a video game but these are one of the things that I had been itching to get as both memberships gives more access and more usability to the consoles they represent (plus, you get freebies like free games, wallpapers, discounts, etc,….)

The Assassin’s Creed games are also on my list as I haven’t played it yet–though I know the story of the game already.  Currently there are four games to the series: Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.  I would probably get them all for the PS3 for the very same reason why I will get the NCIS game on the same console.

Final Fantasy XIV for the PS3 is coming out on my birthday!! So, being a fan of the series, it only makes sense that this goes into my list.  Sadly, FFXIII-2 comes out on January 31 so I can’t put that in…and I can’t buy both of them.  I have to give up one.  So I would probably not be getting XIV since XIII-2’s what I really want. 🙁

So, there you have it.  My list on the Video Games section is complete.  I know they costs a lot and I would probably end up buying one of these things on the list for myself (especially the 3DS), but I thought that since I am compiling a short list of what I would want for Christmas and my birthday, I might as well put these in. XD


The stuff on this part of the list are things that, obviously, do not go on any other categories provided above.

Wacom Touch Graphics Tablet.  I have been dying to replace my broken graphics tablet but I have yet to actually do that since I can’t find this particular graphics tablet.  Thanks to not having one, I am unable to finish a couple of my projects (the Chronicles of Endlessia game, as well as the manga I had been working on, included).

I would also like to get my ring (the silver with gold lining one) engraved.  That goes on my wishlist as well.  It’s not as grand as the other stuff on my list but I do want to get my ring engraved…so, there.

Another bookshelf goes into my wishlist as well as my shelf is already full and I have no place left to put my books and my room is already full of them already (the books I mean, not the shelf).  Plus, my mom had been nagging me to quit buying books until I get myself a shelf to put them in.  I did not listen to my mom, though…so now, I have a problem (well, not really a problem).

A locket.  I’ve been thinking about getting one.  Not the heart-shaped one of course.  I’d like one that’s simple…and round.

A new pair of boots!  That is definitely on my Christmas-Birthday wish list and is directed at my mom since she knows what kind of boots I want exactly. 😀

Lastly, as I am a Tolkien fan, I would also like to get my hands on one of these.  It’s the Official Licensed Lord of the Rings Frodo One Ring of Power pendant.  XD

So, there you have it.  My 2011 Christmas-slash-Birthday wishlist…I’m not sure if I forgot anything (if I did, be sure to expect an update of this post XD).

Of course, I do know the real reason for this season.  It’s about remembering the birth of the savior and preparing our way for the coming of the Lord.  It’s about family, love, friendship, and the hope that the season brings.  It’s a season that is meant to bring joy and laughter.

Having said that, one can’t really stop one’s self from posting something like this.

Well, that’s that.  Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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