Trust Your Intuitive Heart

So, it is finally December.  The month of good cheer, great food, love and family, and remembrance for the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.  December is, also my birth month, so I am doubly excited as always when my birthday draws near.

For today, I would like to share with you all the ninety-fifth chapter from the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff book written by Richard Carlson.  This chapter is about listening to our intuition–or our gut feeling.  It tells us that there are times when it pays to stop thinking and just listen to our hearts.

The title of the chapter is: Trust Your Intuitive Heart, and this is what said chapter tells us:


How often have you said to yourself, after the fact, “I knew I should have done that”?  How often do you intuitively know something but allow yourself to think yourself out of it?

Trusting your intuitive heart means listening to and trusting that quiet inner voice that knows what it is you need to do, what actions need to be taken, or changed need to be made in your life.  Many of us don’t listen to our intuitive heart for fear that we couldn’t possibly know something without thinking it through, or for fear that legitimate answers could possibly be so obvious.  We say things to ourselves like, “That couldn’t possibly be right” or “I couldn’t possibly do that.”  And, as soon as we allow our thinking mind to enter into the picture, we think ourselves out of it.  We then argue for our limitations, and they become ours.

If you can overcome your fear that your intuitive heart will give you incorrect answers, if you can learn to trust it, your life will become the magical adventure it was meant to be. Trusting your intuitive heart is like removing the barriers to enjoyment and wisdom.  It’s the way to open your eyes and your heart ot your greater source of wisdom and grace.

If you’re unfamiliar with trusting your intuition, start by setting aside a little quiet time to clear your mind and listen.  Ignore and dismiss any habitual, self-defeating thoughts that enter your mind and pay attention only to the calm thoughts that begin to surface.  If you find that unusual yet loving thoughts are appearing in your mind, take note of them and take action.  If, for example, you get the message to write or call someone you love, go ahead and do it.  If your intuitive heart says you need to slow down or take more time for yourself, try to make it happen.  If you’re reminded of a habit that needs attention, pay attention.  You’ll find that when your intuition gives you messages and you respond with action, you’ll often be rewarded with positive, loving experiences.  Start trusting your intuitive heart today and you’ll see a world of difference in your life.

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