Look for the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I really like today’s chapter that I read from the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.  It’s not something that I need to be reminded of as I had been raised, and am used to (as the chapter title says) Looking for the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.

Many of us take things for granted and we view things without seeing what is really amazing in them.  We, most often than not, complain about them rather than seeing the positive side, the beauty that they bring to us and to the world.  These days there are more pessimists than optimists.  A lot more people who complain and complain rather than do something about the problem or see beyond whatever dilemma they encounter.

But, we can’t really judge these people as we don’t know what they are really going through.  We may know who they are but we do not know how they feel inside.

Anyways, this is what Richard Carlson has to say about this particular topic:

I heard a story about two workers who were approached by a reporter.  The reporter asked the first worker, “What are you doing?”  His response was to complain that he was virtually a slave, an underpaid bricklayer who spent his days wasting his time, placing bricks on top of one another.

The reporter asked the second worker the same question.  His response , however, was quite different.  “I’m the luckiest person in the world,” he said.  “I get to be a part of important and beautiful pieces of architecture.  I help turn simple pieces of bricks into exquisite masterpieces.”

They were both right.

The truth is, we see in life what we want to see.  If you search for ugliness you’ll find plenty of it.  If you want to find fault with other people, your career, or the world in general, you’ll certainly be able to do so.  But the opposite is also true.  If you look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, you can train yourself to see it.  This bricklayer sees cathedrals within pieces of brick.  The question is, can you?  Can you see the extraordinary synchronicity that exists in our world; the perfection of the universe in action; the extraordinary beauty of nature; the incredible miracle of human life?  To me, it’s all a matter of intention.  There is so much to be grateful for, so much to be in awe about.  Life is precious and extraordinary.  Put your attention on this fact and little, ordinary things will take on a whole new meaning.

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