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Everyone likes to play games.  You may not be a hardcore gamer, but it would be next to impossible for you not to have played any game–whether we are talking about video games or not.  There are also millions of users on Facebook already and as Facebook users, we are given hundreds of choices for games or applications that we can use while on the said social networking site.  There’s Farmville, Mafia Wars, Adventure Quest, CastleVille, Pioneer Trail, CityVille, just to name a few.  And sure, they give us some form of entertainment or another, maybe even a sense of accomplishment to see our avatars or our cities, towns, farms grow.
But, among the hundreds of applications there is one that is as good as any.  This application is a brand new game on Facebook and, instead of earning points, you earn joy which can be used to help children in the real world!  The game is called ‘WeTopia‘.

Here’s what Ellen DeGeneres has to say about this particular Facebook game:

WeTopia-HowJoyWorksI’ve begun playing this game as well and it is pretty cool.  You start off with creating a town, populating it and earning coins, experience, and joy.  You can then used the joy on the Joy Central to help fund several goodwill projects/movements and charities like Haiti Hot Meal 2 where you can help end hunger in Haiti, the US Literacy Program, the US Mobile Dental Clinic, and stuff like that.  So, by playing this game, you don’t only entertain yourself and watch your little WeTopia grow, but you are also helping out people–kids, the future generation–and are making a change for the betterment of the world.

You can learn more about WeTopia by heading to this link.

I do hope more and more people play this game and spread the word.  Help make a change for the better.  Dream on; Fly on!

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