Schedule Time For Your Inner Work

So, this would be the second-to-the-last Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff post.  It is the ninety-ninth chapter from Richard Carlson’s book and it is entitled: Schedule Time For Your Inner Work.

Here is what he has to say:

In the field of financial planning there is a universally accepted principle that it’s critical to pay yourself first, before you pay your other bills–to think of yourself as a creditor.  The rationale for this financial wisdom is that if you wait to put money into savings until everybody else is paid, there will be nothing left for you!  The result is that you’ll keep postponing your savings plan until it’s too late to do anything about it.  But, lo and behold, if you pay yourself first, somehow there will be just enough to pay everyone else too.

The identical principle is critical to implement into your program of spiritual practice.  If you wait until all your chores, responsibilities, and everything else is done before you get started, it will never happen.  Guaranteed.

I have found that scheduling a little time each day as if it were an actual appointment is the only way to ensure that you will take some time for yourself.  You might become an early riser, for example, and schedule one hour that is reserved for reading, praying, reflecting, meditating, yoga, exercise, or however you want to use time.  How you choose to use the time is up to you.  The important thing is taht you do schedule the time ad that you stick to it.

I had a client who actually hired a baby-sitter on a regular basis to ensure that she had the chance to do the things she felt she needed to do.  Today, more than a year later, her efforts have paid enormous dividends.  She’s happier than she ever thought possible.  She told me that there was a time that she ever would have imagined hiring a baby-sitter to ensure this type of quality time for herself.  Now that she has done it, she can’t imagine not doing it!  If you set your mind to it, you can find the time you need.

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