Live This Day as if It Were Your Last, It Might Be!

So, we’ve finally arrived at the one-hundredth and final chapter of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff book.  It has been quite a journey and I hope those who have read those posts related to this book had learned as much as I did and had changed for the better, even if the change seems minuscule for the moment.

The final chapter of the book always has the most impact, at least, that’s what I usually think and the same could be said with this final DStSS chapter entitled: Live This Day as if It Were Your Last, It Might Be!

This would have been a much better chapter posted at the end of the year but as there is no time like the present, I decided against that idea and simply went on ahead to post this.  Even though the new year is still a couple of weeks away, this post is something that you can’t procrastinate about.

For the final time, let me share with you what Richard Carlson has to say:

When are you going to die?  In fifty years, twenty, ten, five, today?  Last time I checked, no one had told me.  I often wonder, when listening to the news, did the person who did in the auto accident on his way home from work remember to tell his family how much he loved them?  Did he live well?  Did he love well?  Perhaps the only thing that is certain is that he still had things in his “in basket” that weren’t yet done.

The truth is, none of us has any idea how long we have to live.  Sadly, however, we act as if we’re going to live forever.  We postpone the things that, deep down, we know we want to do–telling the people we love how much we care, spending time alone, visiting a good friend, taking that beautiful hike, running a marathon, writing a heartfelt letter, going fishing with your daughter, learning to meditate, becoming a better listener, and on and on.  We come up with elaborate and sophistical rationales to justify our actions, and end up spending most of our time and energy doing things that aren’t all that important.  We argue for our limitations, and they become our limitations.

I felt it appropriate to end this book by suggesting that you live each day as if it were your last on earth.  I suggest this not as a perception to be reckless or to abandon your responsibilities, but to remind you of how precious life really is.  A friend of mine once said, “Life is too important to take too seriously.”  Ten years later, I know he was right.  I hope that this book has been, and will continue to be, helpful to you.  Please don’t forget the most basic strategy of all, Don’t sweat the small stuff!  I will end this book by sincerely saying that I wish you well.

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