‘A Few Old Biscuits Didn’t Matter All That Much!’

Day 5 already, people.  I’m still feeling under the weather.  I had a quick bout with the flu last night and my head is still throbbing that I was actually asked to get some bed rest but I refused.  I can’t get sick, especially since we are heading to Manila tomorrow to celebrate my sister’s birthday (although, her birthday is not until the 19th of the month).

Anyways, day five of the My Little Devotional Book journey.  Today’s chapter is pretty good and it has one of my favorite quotes to start it off.  Here’s what this chapter says and why today’s post title is as it is:

One day a boy at summer camp received a box of homemade biscuits from his mother.  He ate a few, then placed the box under his bed.  The next day he discovered the biscuits were gone.  Later, a counsellor who had been told of the theft saw a boy sitting behind a tree eating the stolen biscuits.  He sought out the victim and said, ‘Bill, I know who stole your biscuits.  Will you help me teach him a lesson?’ The boy replied, ‘Well, I suppose so–but aren’t you going to punish him?’

The counsellor said, ‘Not directly–that would only make him hate you.  I have an idea.  But first I want you to ask your mother to send some more biscuits.’ The boy did as the counsellor asked and a few days later another parcel arrived.

The counsellor then said, ‘The boy who stole your biscuits is by the lake.  I suggest you go down there and share these biscuits with him.’  The boy protested, ‘But he’s the one who stole from me!’ ‘I know,’ said the counsellor.  ‘Let’s see what happens.’

An hour later the counsellor saw the boys come up the hill–the thief earnestly trying to get his new friend to accept his compass in payment for the stolen biscuits, and the victim just as adamantly refusing, saying a few old biscuits didn’t matter all that much!


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