Cornering People VS Getting Them In Your Corner

Day seven of the My Little Devotional Book and it’s five days before Christmas and eleven before my birthday!  Yey!

Anyways, that’s beside the point.  The point is, this chapter is a pretty good one.  And, like always, I intend to share it with you all:

In both autumn and spring, geese can often be seen migrating, flying in a beautiful V-shaped formation.  Such a pattern may appear to us to be a thing of beauty.  In fact, it is aerodynamically brilliant.

At certain intervals, relative to the strength of the headwind they are encountering, the lead goose–who does the most work by breaking the force of the wind–drops back and flies at the end of the formation.  A goose next in the V-formation takes its place.  Scientists who have studied the V-formation have calculated that it takes up to 60 percent less effort for the geese to fly this way.  The flapping of the wings creates an uplift of air, an effect that is greater at the rear of the formation.  In essence, the geese are taking turns ‘uplifting’ one another.  After a turn at the point of the V, the lead goose is allowed to rest and be ‘carried’ by the others, until it has opportunity to regain its strength and move forward in the formation to eventually take its place in the lead role again.

How fortunate we are when we are part of a circle of friends and family who cooperate and work together.  All are ‘lifted up’ when that happens.  Is there someone today you can ‘uplift’ in prayer; giving or heart-to-heart friendship and caring?


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