Doing Common Things Uncommonly Well

Ah, it has been quite a long time since I last posted anything related to our daily devotional from the My Little Devotional Book.  The Holidays does that to me, you know.  Turns me away from using the computer…which is, by the way, not a bad thing.  But, it is the reason why I haven’t been able to update my blog for almost two weeks.

Anyways, this post would mark the ninth of the series of post for the MLDB (My Little Devotional Book).  And this is what the ninth chapter I have chosen speaks about:

Helping the deaf communicate was Alexander Graham Bell’s motivation for his life work, perhaps because his mother and wife were both deaf.  ‘If I can make a deaf-mute talk,’ Bell said, ‘I can make metal talk.’  For five frustrating and impoverished years, he experimented with a variety of materials in an effort to make a metal disk that, vibrating in response to sound, could reproduce those sounds and send them over an electrified wire.

During a visit to Washington, DC, he called on Joseph Henry, a scientist who was a pioneer in research related to electricity.  He presented his ideas to him and asked his advice–should he let someone else perfect the telephone or should he do it himself.  Henry encouraged him to do it himself, to which Bell complained that he lacked the necessary knowledge of electricity.  Henry’s brief answer was, ‘Get it.’

And so Bell studied electricity.  A year later when he obtained a patent for the telephone, the Patent Office officials credited him with knowing more about electricity than all the other inventors combined.

Hard work.  Study.  Hope.  Persistence.  These are all ‘common things’.  They are the keys, however, to doing uncommonly well.


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