Perfection Through Inspiration and Perseverance

I just noticed that I need to update most of the pages in my blog.  Huh, guess I have a lot of things to do that will take up my time and make me forget that I am waiting for a very important email that will (hopefully) be of a positive nature.

Anyways, that’s not the topic of this post.  This post is, after all, a post of the My Little Devotional variety.

Today, we have another inspirational story to go along with the picture below.  It’s about Guglielmo Marconi.  Not familiar with him?  Well, then, read on…

In the autumn of 1894, Guglielmo retreated to his room on the third floor.  All summer while on holiday, he had read books and filled notebooks with squiggly diagrams.  Now, the time had come to work.

Every day, he rose early.  He worked all day and long into the night, to the point that his mother became alarmed.  He had never been a robust person, but now he was becoming appallingly thin.  His face was drawn, and his eyes were often glazed over with fatigue.  Finally, the day came when he announced his instruments were ready.  He invited the family to his room and, pushing a button, he succeeded in ringing the bell on the first floor!  While his mother was amazed, his father was not.  He saw no use in being able to send a signal so short a distance.  So, Guglielmo laboured on.  Little by little, he made changes in his sending circuits so he could send a signal from one hill to the next, and then beyond the hill.  And eventually, his invention was perfected–partly by inspiration, but mostly by perseverance.

Guglielmo Marconi was eventually hailed as the inventor of wireless telegraphy, radio’s forerunner.  He not only received a Nobel prize in physics, but a seat in the Italian senate and the title of marchese.


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