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In today’s times, there are a lot of parents who disregard their children.  Some of them have this stupid notion in their heads that just because they didn’t get to be who they wanted to be when they were little, their child (or children) can’t be whoever they want to be as well.  Some of them have this even more idiotic notion that their child (or children) have to act a certain way, be a certain way, and if their child (or children) aren’t then they’d go ahead and use brute force.  These parents, in my opinion, don’t deserve to be parents.  They’re bullies.

You know what?  Parents are people that should be the first ones in the front lines to encourage their children to reach for their ambitions, their goals, and their dreams in life.  Parents should be the ones to lift their children’s spirits up when their children are discouraged.  They should be the ones who offer solace.  Not be the first one to hold a riffle and shoot those dreams, aspirations, ambitions, and/or goals up, shattering them into tiny little pieces.

Parents should be the ones to tell their children to keep working hard for what they want and if their hard work comes out short, should be the one to tell their children that they should try again and keep trying.  Parents should be the ones to tell their children to live life without regrets, not shove their own regrets and how life isn’t a fairy tale and dreams/aspirations/hope/ambitions don’t come true.

It’s true that life isn’t a fairy tale.  We all know that.  But that doesn’t mean that we cannot try to make them one.

What makes a fairy tale great is because it symbolizes hope.  It symbolizes that no matter what our dragons, our evil queens, evil step-sisters, or big bad wolves are, we can always–always–get through them with hard work, perseverance, faith, love, courage, and all the other things that makes humanity so great!

It’s true that some of our dreams won’t amount to much, that there are just some dreams that–no matter how hard we try–we won’t be able to achieve.  But that’s just it.  We still have to try.  We have to know that we did everything we could so that we could move forward, so that we can live without regrets.

I don’t understand how some parents fail to see that.  How they need to shove whatever realities they have into their children’s faces and try to dishearten an already disheartened child.  I don’t understand how some parents could just tell their child to give up, showing just how much faith they have in their child to begin with.  I don’t understand how hard it could be for some parents to just say a little word of encouragement that could do their child wonders.  I don’t understand how some parents, instead of being the first ones in line to support their children, are on the other side instead, telling them to give up.  I don’t understand how a parent could embarrass his/her child even.  I just don’t understand at all.

Parents should guide their children and should always think of their children’s well-being.  If you’re a mother or a father, your job isn’t just to have food ready on the table or make sure that your children are clothed, fed, schooled.  You are responsible also for the mental, emotional and spiritual growth of your children.

So please have time for your children.  Listen to their needs, hear their voice.  Be their voice when they are being bullied.  Give them your strength when they feel like giving up.  Encourage them when their faith in themselves falter.  Guide them.  Be their hero.  Love them.  Care for them.  You are God’s representative and he expects you to teach your child the wonders and beauty of the world, of life.  He expects you to.

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  1. Spot on !!!! But I think the biggest contribution a parent can and should make is instilling a sense of responsibility in a child. 

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