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If you’re wondering why you can no longer download files from big-shot file sharing sites such as MegaUpload, Filesonic, and Fileserve and you’re panicking over getting the latest files or whatnot that your friends want to share with you–maybe files from an existing project or something–then, chances are you searched the internet for answers.  If you haven’t already–researched about it or heard about it–then, let me be the one who tells you the bad news.

Those share sites are no longer active.

In the days since the seizure of MegaUpload, hundreds of sites, out of fear and panic, have taken action to hamper the progress of internet communities.  Filesonic has disabled all sharing. blocked Americans from accessing its site.  Fileserve has terminated hundreds of accounts.  Why did they do all this?  Because they are afraid and out of panic that they may be the next to follow MegaUpload’s demise, opted to drop out–one after another–like dominos.

Various share sites/forums/communities have labelled these file sharing sites “cowards without a backbone”–their words, not mine.

The “demise” of these websites has already been a massive blow to sharing sites and warez communities, but, according to them–“the ship will continue to sail” and that they will “never, ever perish!”

It seems that the battle between two opposing forces–the authorities and the warez groups–have begun with an Anonymous hacker bringing down the FBI, MPAA, and RIAA websites.  They have also censored Filesonic,, and Fileserve.

Of course, pirates aren’t the only ones who are finding it difficult.  Those who only wish to share larger files over the internet–files that are not, in the least, illegal–with sizes that cannot be sent using an email, are having a hard time, too.  Sharing of project files–to give an example–which I do using Mediafire and Filesonic.  So, even those who aren’t pirates are getting the bad end of the deal.

What will happen next?  Even with SOPA’s sponsor no longer aboard the ship, we can be sure that the battle between the warez groups and authorities will only continue to escalate from this point onwards.

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