In God We Trust



Marian had her sights set on becoming a concert singer, a challenge that was doubly difficult because of the color of her skin.  Her mother, however, had a patient trust in God.  Marian later said, ‘Mother’s religion made her believe that she would receive what was right for her to have if she was conscientious in her faith. If it did not come, it was because He had not considered it right for her.  We grew in this atmosphere of faith that she created…We believed as she did because we wanted the same kind of haven in the time of storm.’

When Marian was denied admission to a famous music conservatory on account of her race, her mother calmly said that ‘someone would be raised up’ to help her accomplish what she had hoped to do at the conservatory.  That someone arrived only a few weeks later.  One of Philadelphia’s outstanding voice teachers, Giuseppe Boghetti, made room for her to become one of his students, and Marian Anderson was on her way to becoming one of the most magnificent singers of the twentieth century.  On Easter Sunday in 1939, she sang for more than 75,000 people gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial and gave a performance never forgotten by those who were there.

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