The Difference Between Success and Failure…

I suppose we can all agree that, when questioned what we want to be or have in the future, the answer revolves around the common things: rich/money, fame, and success.  But, what exactly is our definition of success?  What makes a person “successful”?

We all have our own answers to that question.  It may be that you view success as having more money than your neighbor, living and feeling like you’re at the top of the world.  It may be that your definition of success is being able to attain that dream you have sought for for all your life.  It may be that your definition of success is being famous for something that you have done.  It may be all of the above, it may be none.

Because we aspire to be successful, we fear failure like its a lethal disease.  We don’t want to fail.  No one does.  We want our slate to be as clean and devoid of failures as possible.  We don’t want to hit a roadblock, what we want is smooth sailing or a road that’s straight and true.

Chances are, we won’t find such a road to success.  The road to success is paved with hardships and failures.  It is a treacherous road that only those with strong and unwavering hearts and a will that burns brighter than the sun can survive.  We have all been given the means to become victorious in such an endeavor, the trouble is that we often forget that we have what it takes.  Too often we think that we don’t have time for failure that what we want we should get without any hitches.  Too often we think that one try is good enough, if we fail we fail and we won’t try again.  It’s the end of the road, we move on.

Today’s post is about success and failure.  What defines success?  Well, hopefully the anecdote below can shed some light to the subject for those who remain in the dark about it:

The difference between success and failure is often the ability to get up just one more time than you fall down!

Moses easily could have given up.  He had an ‘interrupted’ childhood, lived with a foster family, had a strong temper and a stammering tongue, and a crime record…but when God called to him, he said ‘Yes’.

Joshua had seen the promised land and then been forced to wander in a wilderness for forty years with cowards who didn’t believe, as he did, that they could possess the land.  He could have given up in discouragement…but he was willing to go when God said go.

Peter had a hard time making the transition from fisherman to fisher of men.  He sank while trying to walk on water; was strongly rebuked by Jesus for trying to tell Him what to do, and denied knowing Jesus in the very hour Jesus needed him most.  He easily could have seen himself to be a hopeless failure.  But when the opportunity came to preach before thousands on the Day of Pentecost…he responded.

No matter what you’ve done, you’re not a failure…yet.

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