Month: February 2012

‘Something to Say’

Albert Einstein is reputed to have had a wholesome disregard for the tyranny of custom.  Once, a dinner, hosted by the president of Swarthmore College, was held in his honor.  Although Einstein was not scheduled to speak during the event–only

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PlayStation VITA

So, over the weekend, we went to Manila to visit my sister who’s currently working there.  I have been waiting all week for that trip since, unlike most Gamers who were hyped up with the Vita’s US release date, I

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Exercise Digging Facts

Ted Turner is one of the outstanding personalities in the twentieth century.  He turned Channel 17 in Atlanta into the first ‘Super Station’, transmitting its signal to cable systems nationwide via satellite.  Soon, afterwards, he purchased the Atlanta Braves baseball

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Day 7: We Pray For You

You know what’s really amazing? It’s when people of different race and ethnicity come together to help those in need. It’s when the barriers of one’s color and ancestry fail and all that matters is that work of charity. It

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Day 6: “One Man Disney Movie”

Welcome to Day 6 of the Hundred Days of Music Challenge…having said that, and having already chosen what today’s song would be, I couldn’t help but notice how 3 of my previous choices have all been from YouTube–original song, or

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