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Jewish doctor Boris Kornfeld was imprisoned in Siberia.  There, he worked in surgery, helping both staff and prisoners.  He met a Christian, whose name is unknown, but whose quiet faith and frequent reciting of the Lord’s Prayer moved Dr. Kornfeld.

One day while repairing the slash artery of a guard, Dr. Kornfeld seriously considered suturing the artery in such a way that the guard would bleed to death internally over time.  The violence he recognized in his own heart appalled him, and he found himself saying, “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.’  Afterwards, he began to refuse to obey various inhumane, immoral prison camp rules.  He knew his quiet rebellion put his life in danger.

One afternoon he examined a patient who had undergone a cancer operation.  He saw in the man’s eyes a depth of spiritual misery that moved him and he told him his entire story, including a confession of his secret faith.  That very night, Dr. Kornfeld was murdered as he slept.  Still, his testimony was not in vain.  The patient who had heard his confession became, as a result, a Christian.  He survived the prison camp and went to tell the world about life in the gulag.  That patient was Aleksander Solzhenitsyn.

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