Mario: Are You Ready For War?

A long, long time ago, there was a Italian plumber born in Japan who looks like a Mexican.  Said Italian Plumber liked the color red and had a blonde-haired princess for a girlfriend.  One day, while Italian plumber was plumbing away someplace, an evil and greedy, horned turtle kidnapped the girlfriend princess with the intention of having her for his wife.

When the Italian plumber learned of the kidnapping, he called for his fellow plumber to help search for the kidnapped princess and foil the evil horned turtle’s plan.  With each castle they encountered, the Italian plumber hoped that he would find his princess only to repeatedly rescue a little, mushroom kid who kept on telling him that his princess was in another castle.

Frustration bubbled inside the Italian plumber, as well as confusion as to how the mushroom kid would always be at the other castle despite having been rescued over and over again.  There was a point that said plumber thought about leaving the mushroom kid tied up but, as he was a hero, he did not entertain such a thought for long.  And so, the plumber and his friend went from one castle to another in search of the princess but always getting the mushroom kid instead.

Repeat that for a couple more times.  But, eventually, the Italian plumber and his friend finds the princess and the horned turtle.

To cut the long story short, he defeats the turtle and saves the day.

I, of course, am talking about the Super Mario game…and its many reiterations.  It’s surprising how Princess Peach never learns from her past mistakes and always ends up being kidnapped by Bowser.  I feel sorry for Mario to have to always try to save her and deal with said horned turtle.

Anyways, that’s beside the point.  The actual point of this post is actually a look at an upcoming web series that feature Nintendo’s most successful franchise and beloved video game character.

This webseries is entitled: Mario Warfare.  And, well, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what this will be about, but you can bet your XBOX or PS3, or whatever console you have, that this will include guns.

What I do know about this webseries is that it will be a cross between Super Mario Bros. and Modern Warfare, hence the title.  There really isn’t any episode out as of the moment, but you can bet whatever you want (again) that I would be updating this post to include those episodes once they are out.  When that would be, I don’t really know.

You can also bet that there would be a large dose of hilarity ensuing from this webseries.  Luigi alone is funny enough, especially in his poses, if you’ve watched the videos above.  If not, well, there are pictures that can prove that (including the one on the right).  So far, only four characters have been unveiled for this project: Mario, played by Matt Sumner; Luigi, played by Jarod Kearney; Toadstool, played by Brian Lee; and, Princess Peach, portrayed by Alena Koch.

So, that’s all for now.

Like I’ve said, I’ll update you guys as soon as the episodes come out.  Until then, dream on; fly on!

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  1. But i thought Mario was Italian?????? Talk about having race issues.

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