100 Days of Music Challenge, Cycle 2

I probably should have started this at the same time when the eleventh season of American Idol started but, I didn’t.  I suppose I was still putting this off in favor of the dozens of other projects that I currently have in queue.  I won’t go into detail what those projects are since (a) there are so many of them and I would rather unveil them at the right time and (b) this post isn’t about said projects but of the second cycle for the 100 Days of Music Challenge.

If you guys could recall, I started this challenge last year.  Every day I posted 1 song that inspired me for that day or a song that embodies the mood I am feeling for that particular day.  I kept at it for 100 consecutive days, hence the name of the challenge.  With the song lyrics, and a video or an mp3 of the song, I included in the post a reason why I loved the song or why it ended up as the song for that day.

In this second cycle of the challenge, I won’t change much–or anything, for that matter.  It will still be the same as it was last year.  I won’t be providing download links for the songs that I will be featuring, too.  What I will be providing, however, are the links to where you can buy the song (iTunes, for instance).  Of course, that may change depending on what song it is and depending on the amount of comments/request the song of the day generates.

Anyways, that’s that.  I just thought I should let y’all know about it.

The challenge will begin tomorrow.  Until then, dream on; fly on!

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One comment on “100 Days of Music Challenge, Cycle 2
  1. Glad we stopped SOPA. Else this would have never happened. Hope Cycle 2 will be as good as Cycle 1.

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