Success is Possible!

When Michigan played Wisconsin in basketball early in the 1989 season, Michigan’s Rumeal Robinson found himself at the foul line with just seconds left in the fourth quarter.  His team was trailing by one point, and Rumeal knew that if he could sink both shots, Michigan would win.  Sadly, Rumeal missed both shots.  Wisconsin upset the favored Michigan, and Rumeal went to the locker room feeling devastated and embarassed.

His dejection, however, led to a positive move on his part.  He determined that at the end of each practice for the rest of the season, he was going to shoot 100 extra foul shots.  And shoot ’em he did!

The moment came when Rumeal stepped to the foul line in yet another game, again with the opportunity to make two shots.  This time there were only three seconds left in overtime, and the game was the NCAA finals!  Swish went the first shot…and swish went the second.  Those two points gave Michigan the victory and the collegiate national championship for the season.

Have you just failed at something?  Don’t give up.  Instead, work harder.  Success is possible!

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