Day 7: We Pray For You

You know what’s really amazing? It’s when people of different race and ethnicity come together to help those in need. It’s when the barriers of one’s color and ancestry fail and all that matters is that work of charity. It doesn’t matter what form that “help” comes in, all that matters is the act of love and unity.

That’s what I felt when hearing this original song which is amazingly written by J. Rice and Brett McLaughlin. Like the previous days’ songs, this one is also from YouTube and is sung not by one or two, three or four artists from the aforementioned site, but a whooping fifty-five talented voices.

This song was written for the benefit of the disaster victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, as well as for the victims of the tornadoes that ravaged the southern United States last year. The proceeds accumulated from the download of the song, and the purchase of the shirt, went to the Japan and American Red Cross.

According to J. Rice, he sent out an email on April 1st to a lot of his YouTube friends. Attached to that email was a very rough mix of the song with only one verse and chorus. He didn’t know if anyone would be interested in singing the song with him but, as it turned out, he didn’t have to worry about that. Within twenty-four hours, ninety percent had responded to his email saying that they were in. A week later, he had sent everyone their parts and three weeks later, all the parts were in and the video completed.

The song, itself, has simple yet powerful lyrics and was sung with that much passion and sincerity by these fifty-five artists which are listed below (in order of appearance):

Chris Cendaña
Stacy Dudero
Buket Kocatas
Bruce and Daniel
AJ Rafael
Troye Sivan
Kevin Lien
Erin Rice
Mishal Moore
Lyne Sullivan
Laura Broad
The Shures
Nick Pitera
Brett McLaughlin
Justin “J Hype” Reinstein
Heidi Jutras
David Choi
Iann Guérin
Jason Chen
Lucas Teague
Orlando Dixon
Shan Malaika
Anna Moya
Frank Bell
Julie Corrigan
Aaron Caras
Laura Zocca
Renee Thomas
J Rice
Lisa Lavie
Maria Zouroudis
Jon Molina
Jumoke Hill
Laurence Fishman
Jessica Sanchez
Sam Northwood
Amy Colalella
Juliet Weybret

As you can see, American Idol Top 24 finalist, Jessica Sanchez also shared her vocal talent with this song.

I haven’t actually checked it, but I believe you can still purchase the song via iTunes or

Below is the lyrics of this wonderful and inspiring song:

“We Pray For You”
Music by J Rice
Words by J Rice & Brett McLaughlin

Verse 1:
If I could take
it away
the pain that you’re feeling
the nightmare you’re living…today
I wish that I
could make a change
but I’m only one person
I’ll take my share of the burden

I don’t have much to give
but hopefully the world, will all join in
and say with me…

I pray for you
And If we stop for a moment
Imagine what we can
I know together
we’ll help you make it
we’ll help you make it through
we pray for you

Verse 2:
while we are safely
mothers are searching
lost and uncertain
in need

My heart won’t let
me believe
it’s ok doing nothing
when others are suffering

even if we don’t have much to give
hopefully the world, will all join in
and say with me…


Verse 3:
can’t fix it all
but we won’t stop trying
until everyone’s hands

The future looks brighter
you may be knocked down
but you’ll be stronger somehow

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