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So, over the weekend, we went to Manila to visit my sister who’s currently working there.  I have been waiting all week for that trip since, unlike most Gamers who were hyped up with the Vita’s US release date, I didn’t run to the store and grab said handheld console as soon as it hit the stores.  My parents advised me to wait for said trip instead of buying the Vita here in Lucena.  I listened, albeit I had that moment that I could have bought the Vita in SM City Lucena (since they are being sold there).

One week passed where I had to keep myself from heading to Toy Kingdom and making my purchase.  Waiting paid off, though, since I got my Vita at a lower price compared to how much it was being sold in Toy Kingdom.  My store of choice was, of course, DataBlitz.

Before I get into the main topic, which is, of course, the PlayStation Vita, let me first reiterate how great a shop DataBlitz is especially their store in Festival Mall.  The sales people are nice and they are knowledgeable with whatever they are selling–whether it be the consoles, the handhelds, or the games themselves.  They don’t make you feel like you shouldn’t be there even when you are just browsing their wares.  They let you take a look at what they are selling without bothering you or hounding you–which is what my experience was with Toy Kingdom.  I mean, you couldn’t even look at their “New Arrivals” section without someone asking you what you are looking for and what you want over and over again and all you can do is keep yourself from answering: “I want peace and prosperity for all of mankind.”  Really, I have to keep the urge of blurting that answer out at bay because I do try not to be sarcastic all the time…unless forced to use the power of sarcasm.

Anyways, DataBlitz also knows and understands the concept of “reservations”.

A while back (and by that I mean “just before Christmas of last year”) I went to Toy Kingdom to ask them about Uncharted 3, which was among my list of top priority and highly anticipated games.  They told me that they didn’t have a copy of it yet but I could file for a reservation–which I did.  A couple of days passed (a week at most) and I got neither call nor text informing me that my game had arrived.  I went to the shop to see what’s new.  When I got there, the Sales Lady told me that they had a copy of Uncharted 3 but that someone had already bought it.

I was like, “What the heck?!  What about my reservation?”  Apparently, they do not know that the concept of a reservation is that it is reserved for the person who ordered the damn thing.  When you reserve something, you don’t sell it to the first person who asks for it because it already belongs to the person who ordered it and paid for the reservation.  Selling it to the first person that comes by who is not the person who ordered or reserved it defeats the purpose of reservations.  In DataBlitz, however, I never had that problem and I did, eventually, get my copy of Uncharted 3 but from DataBlitz, instead of Toy Kingdom.  The copy I got was also the Collector’s Edition so…yeah.

Now, for the third and final point of why DataBlitz is my store of choice.  This is the most important point, too.  And that is: they are cheaper.  They follow the suggested price.  Toy Kingdom, as I recall, has a 10% or 20% higher price than the aforementioned store.  So, naturally, I choose DataBlitz.

Now that that mini-rant is out of the way, let me get down to the PlayStation Vita.

When I first learned of the Vita’s production, I was intrigued.  My intrigue turned into something more when I learned that one of the titles being developed for this newest handheld console from Sony was an Uncharted game.  Being a fan of Nathan Drake’s, I thought to myself that I would buy the Vita as a Christmas or Birthday present for myself a year after its launch.  The thing that changed that, that made me buy the Vita as soon as I could, was the news that Persona 4 was going to be remade for the Vita under the title: Person 4: The Golden.  At that point, I really knew I just had to get my hands on the Vita.

Now that I have it, I actually think that it was worth the wait and the money.  The Vita is generally larger than its predecessors: the PSP (Phat, Slim, Lite, Go).  For its touch screen, it uses OLED technology.  The battery is built in and requires an expert to change it.  There are now two analog sticks instead of one, a front and back camera, a touch pad at the back of the Vita, a microphone, and it supports a different card of memory stick compared to what was used in the PSP handheld system.  The Vita comes in two models: the Wifi and the 3G.  I won’t go write an in-depth review of the thing, and I won’t write much more about the hardware of the said device, you can read about that in other sites.  What I will write about is my experience with the Vita.

Now, unlike the PSP, Vita doesn’t have a UMD slot anymore.  Unlike the Go, it doesn’t solely depend on downloading games via PSN.  The Vita uses a different game cartridge which looks a little bit similar to the current Nintendo game cartridges that are currently available for the 3DS.  You can play your games using these new media or you can buy and download your games through the Playstaion Network’s store.

The Vita isn’t just a gaming system.  I like to think of it as a multimedia system since you can do more than just play.  With the Vita you can listen to music, play videos, watch movies, take pictures, use Google Maps, browse the internet, tweet, make Skype phone calls (the actual app is coming soon!), and you can chat, send messages, and even meet other people who own the same handheld console as you with Sony’s Near application, Party application, and Group Message application–all built in to the Vita.

The touch screen and the sensitivity of the screen to touch is like the iPad’s.  It responds well and there isn’t a millisecond of delay.  The Vita also has motion sensors and a Gyroscope used in games and with Near and Google Maps.  It also has a built-in screenshot function and can use Augmented Reality (AR) cards for playing games such as Fireworks.

The graphics is superb, at least, in my opinion–particularly with the Uncharted: Golden Abyss game.  The speakers are good, too.  Although there are some asking Sony for a patch that would enable the volume of the speakers to go higher.  The battery life is long enough, although if you want it to be longer, you can turn off the wifi and blutooth–yes, the Vita comes equip with Blutooth.

My only gripe at the moment is about Near and the Maps.  I understand that Vita is still pretty new in the western waters and, as such, these software are new as well, but those two software–and only those two–are a pain to start.  Near works.  I can open it up, however, I cannot get it to get my location data.  Same is true with Maps.  And I am not the only one having the problem, many other Vita owners are experiencing the same problem with those two software.  A Sony representative had already been informed, as far as I know, there is still no work-around for it, so we have to wait for another firmware update to fix this little hiccup.

Apart from that, I can’t say anything bad about the Vita.  Between the 3DS and the Vita, if you have to choose, go for the Vita since you can do more with it.  If you don’t have to choose, then take both like I did.

I wish I could show you guys more screenshots and pictures of my Vita but, at the moment, I can’t.  I’ll be sure to update this post when I get the chance.

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