When Honorius was emperor of Rome, the great Coliseum was often filled to overflowing with spectators who came from near and far to watch the state-sponsored games.  Part of the sports venue consisted of human beings doing battle with wild beasts or one another; to the point where one was killed.  The assembled multitudes made holiday of such sport and found the greatest delight when a human being died.

On just such a day, a Syrian monk named Telemachus was part of the vast crowd in the arena.  Telemachus was cut to the core of his heart by the utter disregard he saw for the value of human life.  He leaped from the spectator stands into the arena during a gladiatorial show and cried out, ‘This thing is not right!  This thing must stop!’

Because he had interfered, the authorities commanded that Telemachus be run through with a sword, which was done.  He died, but not in vain.  His cry kindled a small flame in the nearly burned-out conscience of the people and within a matter of months the gladiatorial combats came to an end.

The greater the wrong, the louder we must cry out against it.  The finer the cause, the louder we must applaud!

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