Replies Batch #1 (March 2012)

After a long time, I’ve finally decided to add another category on my blog called “Replies”.  Basically, this category is as its name suggest, a category where I will post my replies from the reviews I am getting from the stories and fan fictions I have uploaded in FFN.  The reason why I’m doing this is is because there are those anonymous reviews that deserve answers and sometimes I don’t have time to reply on every single review asking the same question…so I thought this would be a good idea.

I would, probably be doing this on a weekly–if not, monthly–basis, since I don’t want to have to post a reply every, single day.  Of course, that still depends if there is a need or not.  For one, I won’t be posting replies that consists only of thanking the reviewer.  Not that I am not appreciative of the review, I am.  I’m just randomly picking reviews to answer.  Of course, there are those reviews that I have to answer because it poses a question so…yeah…

Anyways, enough about the explanation.  I only have one review to answer for now, so…Let’s get on with it.


@Takumi: First of all, thank you so much, Takumi.  I am happy that you, and a lot of others are enjoying this story (and, judging from what you wrote, this is not the only story I have written that you have read)…even though the updates are a little bit few and far between.

To answer your question regarding the artworks, I am planning on making them as soon as the story is finished.  Truth be told, I had been planning to draw scenes not only from Another Future but also from the other two stories from the Chronicles of Time trilogy.  I’m planning on grouping them and uploading it here on this blog.  I’ll make another post when the time comes.  For now, just continue on enjoying the story.


@warriorseadra and 61wisampa: Once again, thanks for your reviews and for continuing to support the story.  I will try to update more frequently so that you guys can keep on reading.  I know how waiting for updates feel like…

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