The Push That Makes Ordinary Extraordinary.

Country-music star Randy Travis and his manager, Lib, remember the lean days of his career–all 3,650 o f them.

For ten years, Lib did whatever it took to keep her club open long enough for somebody to discover Travis’ talent.  For his part, Randy sang his heart out and when he wasn’t singing, he fried catfish or washed dishes in the kitchen.

Then it happened.  Everything seemed to click for him.  He had a hit called ‘On the Other Hand’, an album contract, a tour offer and a movie deal.  He was hot!  Everyone seemed to be calling him an overnight success.

Travis notes, “We were turned down more than once by every label in Nashville.  But I’m kind of one to believe that if you work at something long enough and keep believing, sooner or later it will happen.”

In many instances in life, it’s extra effort that makes the difference.  Money can buy a house…but loving touches turn it into a home.  A packed lunch can be a gourmet meal with a love note tucked into it.  A meal is just food…but with candles and flowers, it’s an occasion.

Do more than is required of you today.  Give the extra that makes life truly extraordinary!

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