A Whole Lot of Problems

I really have no idea how this happened but…it seems like JollyWorks Hosting messed up my website with whatever it was they did on their servers when Echelon was down yesterday, so now, my website–Sakura no Kokoro–is experiencing a lot of problems which mostly includes my plugins and uploading images and files to post and to my Manga Viewer.  It’s all very frustrating.

I’ve already asked their help and hopefully it will be fixed before the week ends.  If not…well, this would probably be the last time I use their service…better start looking for alternatives now.

Anyways, because of whatever it is they messed up, manga updates are put on hold.  Same goes for my other updates that involves uploading images, files, etc,…etc,…

I’ll make an update once things are back to normal again.  Until then, dream on; fly on!


Well, they sure didn’t end up doing anything to help me fix my problem…and they kept on asking what the problem was.  Screenshots were used but they can’t seem to figure it out still…Anyways, I managed to create a work-around for the manga uploading…although I can’t upload zip files any longer *grumble*grumble*.  So, yeah… The latest Naruto, Detective Conan and BLEACH manga chapters are already up.  Check it out here.

Will update again if something new comes up with regards to this dilemma.

I am not amused JWH.  Not amused at all.

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