Month: April 2012

Weekly Sports Review

Before I begin, I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Sakura Martinez. I won’t specify the reason. It’s something that I believe she, and only she, has the right to disclose. I have no intention of playing the spoilsport, so you’ll

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Who We Are And What We Do

  In the fourth round of a national spelling contest in Washington, eleven-year-old Rosalie Elliot, a champion from South Carolina, was asked to spell the world “avowal”.  Her soft Southern accent made it difficult for the judges to determine if

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Day 14: Wait and See

Hope.  It’s a powerful thing. Hope makes you believe in the future even when everything seems to be falling apart.  Hope makes you look at a brand new day with a renewed spirit.  Hope keeps us from giving up on

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What Defines You?

  A young man once made an appointment with a well-published author.  The first question the author asked him was, ‘Why did you want to see me?’ The young man stammered, ‘Well, I’m a writer, too.  I was hoping you could

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If You Want Your Work To Last…

  Although we do not have the original manuscripts of the New Testament, we do have more than 99.9 percent of the original text because of the faithful work of manuscript copyists over the centuries. Copying was a long, arduous process.  In

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