VITA Firmware 1.65 Up Now

The promised Firmware update for the PlayStation VITA system is now online.  Vita users should be happy about this, right?  After all, we did wait for a whole month (others more) for this update to come.  However, what Sony gave us–as an update–is somewhat of a letdown.

Let me first give a list of what VITA users expected were going to be part of the update:

  • PSClassic (PSOne) support
  • PS2 Support
  • Better web browser
  • More Apps like Youtube and Skype
  • Remote play with the PS3 system
  • More PSP and MINIs
  • Bug fixes
  • Visibility on PS3 while playing on the Vita (meaning friends can see you online when you use your Vita)
  • Vita trophies visible on PS3 system
  • Folders/Albums on Music and Photo Apps
  • HTML-5 Support

Unfortunately, what we got on update 1.65 are:

  • “Notification Alert” option added to Settings, so you can toggle alerts on or off
  • “After 10 minutes” added to the time options under Power Save Settings
  • An arrow icon that appears when PSVita finds new activities in the Live Area
  • Caps Lock support on On-Screen Keyboard.

So, yeah…not much of an update.

It also makes you question the priorities of Sony’s dev team.  I mean, seriously, these are not as “high” on the user’s demand list as those expectations I have mentioned above.

On a side note, users are reporting that those having problems with Near have been fixed with this update…so, I suppose that’s a good thing.  Still, I repeat, this update is such a letdown.

Anyways, you can update your system now, if you want.


This update was taken down by Sony due to–according to them–“technical issues” that arose upon updating the system.  This technical issue involves the adhoc functionality to stop working on the system.  Sony will bring the update back up when this is fixed.  As for those who have already updated, fear not, there is also a fix coming out for our systems.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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