Thoughts on Idol’s Episode Tonight

Yeah, I know.  Perhaps it is pretty darn late to post this.  After all, they’ve aired this particular “episode” of the show early in the morning (for us here in the Philippines) but, even so…I suppose I just want to put my two cents on the whole show.

Every one of us who watches the show have our own favorites, now whether we are a fan of that person because of their looks or because of their talent or both, well, that’s another matter entirely that I would not rant about in this post.  That deserves a whole post by itself because, seriously, it just does.

Having said that, I am a part of Team BluJays–a fan of Jessica Sanchez.  And, before you ask, the answer is no.  No, I am not a fan of her simply because she has Filipino blood flowing through her veins.  That’s just shallow.

I’m a fan of Jessica because of her immense talent.  For a sixteen-year-old girl to sing like that.  You got to admit, it’s pretty awesome.  I would probably have been a fan of hers even if she didn’t have an ounce or a pint of Filipino blood in her.  And, also, no, she’s not the only person in American Idol’s latest season who made my jaw drop because of their talent.  Almost all of them did…with an exception for one person.  Elise.  I’m not just a fan.

Anyways, tonight’s show was pretty amazing, right?  I mean, they all gave their best.  Unlike the previous episode (meaning, last week’s show), I didn’t get bored and left after my faves sang.  The thing is, I don’t agree with most of the judges comments.  I also don’t like how they seem to be back-balling Hollie.  She did AMAZING with Pink’s “Perfect”.  Why the judges thought otherwise is beyond me.

Also, why did they give Joshua a standing ovation for his Bruno Mars performance?  He did not bring something new to that song.  He didn’t even get to Bruno’s level of awesomeness in performing that song.  There are others there who deserved a standing ovation because they actually did pretty well–there’s Colton, there’s Hollie, and of course, Jessica.

I just feel that it’s a bit unfair for Hollie, because she actually sang great.  But, of course, they need someone to shove under the buss to make it easier for America to vote.

Another question I have in tonight’s show is…why Akon?  If they’re going to put someone relevant in this decade’s song (that’s the theme for this week: songs from this decade (from the year 2010 to the present)) they could have picked, hell, I don’t know, Adele?  Katy Perry? Carrie Underwood? There’s plenty of “relevant” –their words, not mine–artists that could have been a better pick just for the theme’s sake.

And also…Steven Tyler.  What the heck?

I used to love the guy during the previous season but this season it seems like he’s all bitter and drunk or something.  Do you guys notice that awkward silence that follows after he speaks?  It’s like the studio audience, heck, even Ryan, doesn’t know if Tyler’s finished talking yet or not.  Kind of funny, but still awkward.

So, yeah…this post ended up being a rant. Not really in the mood to give you guys a play-by-play of how well they sang and what they sung.  Just want to give my thoughts on how I thought it went.  But, meh.

Anyhow…who do you guys think will be in the Bottom 3 leter-slash-tomorrow (depending on what part of the world you live in)?  My guess is two girls and a guy will be in the Bottom 3.  If not, it’s probably going to be three girls…though I hope not!  We need a girl to win this season!

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