Month: May 2012

Day 20: Measure Of A Man

The 20th song for our Hundred Days of Music challenge is one of the first songs I’ve heard when I got back to listening to Christian songs and it was one of those songs that got me to fall in-love

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The True Value of Work

  The German sculptor Dannaker worked for two years on a statue of Christ until it looked perfect to him. He called a little girl into his studio, and pointing to the statue, asked her, “Who is that?” The little

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Day 19: We Can Make A Difference

So, umm, yeah…I got totally delayed with this.  But, well, I’m back and we can get the ball rolling again on our Hundred Days of Music challenge.  Once again, for today, I chose a song with an uplifting tone and

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Spend Your Time Wisely

  Head and founder of a major contracting firm, Frank refused to celebrate the holidays, saying only, ‘Christmas is for children’. Then, one brisk December day, Frank walked to work and in a nativity scene in a department store window,

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Matthew 7:7-8

  Wallace E. Johnson, president of Holiday Inns and one of America’s most successful builders once said, “I always keep on a card in my billfold the following verses and refer to them frequently: ‘Ask, and it shall be given

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