Who Are You Trying To Please More Today?

A young man once studied violin under a world-renowned violinist and master teacher.  He worked hard for several years at perfecting his talent, and the day finally came when he was called upon to give his first, major, public recital in the large city where both he and his teacher lived.

Following each selection, which he performed with great skill and passion, the performer seemed uneasy about the great applause he received.  Even though he knew that those in the audience were musically astute and not likely to give such applause to less than superior performance, the young man acted almost as if he couldn’t hear the appreciation that was being showered upon him.

At the close of the last number, the applause was thunderous and numerous “Bravo’s” were shouted.

The talented young violinist had his eyes glued, however, on only one spot.

Finally, when an elderly man in the first row of the balcony smiled and nodded to him in approval, the young man relaxed and beamed with both relief and joy.  His teacher had praised his work!  The applause of thousands meant nothing until he had first won the approval of the master.

Who is that you are trying to please most today?

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