Day 18: You Know Better Than I

I have always been a fan of a good animated film, and by “good” I don’t just mean well-animated with jaw-dropping visual effects.  I lean more on the story, and the moral of it.

Dreamworks have always been among my favorite when it comes to animated films.  They are, after all, the only studio who gave a chance for biblical stories to be made into a movie like The Prince of Egypt and Joseph: King of Dreams–both of which are among the top of my favorite list.

The song I chose for today is from the Joseph: King of Dreams animated movie and this song is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.  The lyrics, the melody–all of it comes together to give us a beautiful, beautiful song that speaks of how our faith, our trust, in God should be.  The title of this song is, of course, You Know Better Than I  and it was sung by David Campbell.  This song is available on the Joseph: King of Dreams album as well as on David Campbell’s Grateful album.

The song, for me, speaks of a journey that most of us go through.  There are times, in our lives, when things just don’t go the way we planned.  When we pray for something to happen because we thought it is what is best for us, never knowing that something else–something much, much better–is intended for us.  And, often times, when we don’t get what we want, we get angry.  We stray from the path that God wants us to follow.

There are also times when we want so hard to be a better person only for something to happen or someone to come along that would mess that up for us.  We blame it on so many things and sometimes we even give up on the path that is right and just.  We rebel.  We think, “That’ll show you not to mess with me, God”.

The thing is, what we see before us is only a piece of a puzzle.  We don’t know the bigger picture–the masterpiece–our lives could become.  No one said that life is going to be easy.  No one said that the right path is a high-way.  No one said the journey will not be fraught with all sorts of hurdles and obstacles.  They are there for a reason: to mold us, to strengthen us; to teach us that as strong as we may think we are, there will always be times when we have to let go of our pride and just let go, let God take the wheel, carry the burden for us…and all we have to do is trust him.  Completely.

Faith doesn’t keep us from asking questions.  Faith merely allows us to be content, to trust that God knows what he is doing in our lives.  No father would not want what is best for his children.  And that is what God is: Our Father.  Our magnificent, omnipotent, merciful, and just father.

Below is the lyrics to this beautiful song.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!


I thought I did what’s right.
I thought I had the answers.
I thought I chose the surest road.
But, that road brought me here.

So, I put up a fight, and told you how to help me.
Now just when I have given up, the truth is coming clear.

You know better than I.
You know the way.
I’ve let go the need to know “Why?”,
for you know better than I.

If this has been a test,
I cannot see the reason.
But, maybe knowing I don’t know is part of getting through.

I try to do what’s best,
and faith has made it easy,
to see the best thing I can do is put my trust in you.

For you know better than I.
You know the way.
I’ve let go the need to know “Why?”,
for you know better than I.

I saw one cloud and thought it was the sky.
I saw a bird and thought that I could follow.
But it was you who taught that bird to fly.
If I let you reach me, will you teach me?

For you know better than I.
You know the way.
I’ve let go the need to know “Why?”,
I’ll take what answers you supply.
You know better than I.

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