Post-Idol Thoughts (Better Late Than Never)

I know I’ve been quiet for most of the week, even after the Idol Finale.  Under normal circumstances, I would have posted my thoughts on that as soon as the two-hour results show finished but, for this year (possibly the final year I will be watching American Idol), I chose to wait it out a while.

If you’re reading it and you watch the show, you already know that Jessica didn’t win and “America” chose to go with Phillip Phillips (‘P2′ for short)–another WGWG (White Guy With Guitar).  It’s pretty sad that they decided to go with the standard choice and, for the fifth year running, choose something like that (though I don’t have any qualms with either David Cook and Scotty McCreery).  I have to admit though, I was hoping for a change.  I was hoping that, after the guys’ loooooooong winning streak, it would be a girl’s year this year.

I’m not gonna lie in saying that I was, at first, disappointed.  There was no contest when it came to the vocal prowess of the two remaining contestants of the show–Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.  Of the two, Jessica could belt her heart out and seemed to take the show seriously.  I mean, just look at her wardrobe, her choices, her poise and grace on that stage.  Whereas Phillip chose to remain, well, Phillip.  I shared the sentiment of the people that Jessica was robbed.  That she should have won.  But, in retrospect, I can say that I’m glad she didn’t.

Before you start cussing me and making douchebaggy comments, let’s look at the bigger picture, shall we?  Let’s look at the life after Idol.

American Idol is just a title and the number of votes that come in doesn’t necessarily translate to the actual number of people who like a particular contestant.  An Idol voter can vote as much as fifty times on Facebook and can vote to their hearts content using landlines and text messages.  It’s not a one-is-to-one-thing.  Which can also explain P2’s victory over the sixteen-year-old Jessica.

Also, because she didn’t win, Jessica is not tied down to Idol and their producers.  She can choose among the multitude of producers that are knocking on her door, when it comes to her first album.  She can steer her career to the direction that she wants and not in the disastrous direction that Idol producers usually end up taking most of their winners (remember Taylor Hicks? Kris Allen? Lee DeWyze? Reuben or Fantasia?).

Since the press is still feeding of the ‘Jessica Effect’, a lot of Pinoys are arguing that the reason why Jessica lost is because of racism.  Americans would’t want someone who isn’t of pure American blood to win their precious show.  I think people who are saying that should just stop.  That, in itself, is a form of racism, you  know.  Especially if it breeds about hatred of another race–the Americans.  Let’s be honest, you can’t really blame them for voting P2.

If you ask me, the Judges (particularly Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson) are to blame for Jessica’s lost.  Seriously, Jennifer commenting on Jessica’s song choice having been a song she had heard her perform during the finale round where they are supposed to sing songs they have already sung before…that’s just stupid.  Of course you’ve heard her sing it before, Jennifer.  That’s what the round was about: a song they’ve already done.

The irony of the “winning song” (which, regardless of their winning or losing will still end up on their albums), that’s something I find amusing.  The song P2 sang which made people believe that that was the kind of music they will be hearing from him is not the kind of music he will be making (according to an interview with the Idol winner).  That’s just funny…well, not ha-ha funny.

Then we have those Pinoys that are asking for a recount of the votes.  Seriously?  Just stop.  It’s kind of annoying when people do that.  Jessica has graciously accepted the fact that she lost to Phillip.  A recount wont happen.  That’s just whining…and it’s rather pathetic.  Just accept the fact that she didn’t get the title, people!

Before any of you go on about me not being a fan of Jessica.  Stop.  I can assure you, I am a fan.  Unlike those people who simply whine, I actually tried to do something.  I voted.  I am a BluJay.  I had been campaigning for votes, so don’t say that I am not a fan.  I am.  And I am a fan regardless of her race.  I would have voted for her and campaigned for her even if she’s of a different race.  Race isn’t an issue with me.  Talent is talent.

So, yeah…in a way, I’m happy she lost.

Jessica has already done a lot, in my opinion…even if she’s just sixteen.  For one shinning moment, she held a beacon for those who Pinoys, Asians, and mixed-race people who want to be a part of that show.  She reminded people that age is just a freaking number.  That you can do anything, reach unprecedented heights, if you believe and if you put hard work and dedication to the mix.  She made history in being the first Filipina-Mexican-American who managed to get to the coveted Top 2 spot.

You don’t need to win to change the world.  She proved that.  Jessica Sanchez might not have won the title, but she won the world…especially on that duet she did with Ms. Jennifer Holliday–a duet, that I am sure, became more the highlight of the show, more than the Idol winner announcement.

So, there you have it.  My thoughts on American Idol Season 11 Finale.  I’m not even going to follow the other blogs in asking if you feel dismayed with the results.  I’m just going to share with you the much-talked about duet from the results show.

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