Month: June 2012

A Couple of Updates

Yeah, I haven’t been able to update this blog in the past few days.  Just a little bit of an update for everyone. First up, if you guys tried to access Sakura no Kokoro two days ago, you might have

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See The Possibility

  The Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Question was the hottest show on television in 1955.  The more Joyce watched the program, the more she thought, “I could do that.”  At the time, Joyce had given up her job to raise her daughter

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School and Life

  The Koh-i-noor diamond is among the world’s most spectacular.  It is part of the British crown jewels, presented to Queen Victoria by a maharajah in India when the maharajah was only a young boy. Years later, as a grown

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Worry Doesn’t Pay

Opera star Marguerite Piazza was at the height of her career, married to a devoted husband, mother of six healthy children.  And then her world seemed to turn upside-down.  Her husband died suddenly and soon after, a spot on her

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The Act of Forgiving

  A feud developed between two families who lived side-by-side in the mountains of Kentucky.  It started when Grandpa Smith’s cow jumped a stone fence and ate Grandpa Brown’s corn.  Brown shot the cow.  A Smith boy then shot two Brown

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