The Supreme Goal


During the darkest days of the Civil War, the hopes of the Union nearly died.  When certain goals seemed unreachable, the leaders of the Union turned to President Abraham Lincoln for solace, guidance and a renewal of hope.  Once when a delegation called at the White House and detailed a long list of crises facing the nation, Lincoln told his story:

Years ago a young friend and I were out one night when a shower of meteors fells from the clear November sky.  The young man was frightened, but I told him to look up in the sky past the shooting stars to the fixed stars beyond, shining serene in the firmament, and I said, ‘Let us not mind the meteors, but let us keep our eyes on the stars’.

When times are troubled or life seems to be changing greatly, keep your inner eyes of faith and hope on those things which you know to be lasting and sure.  Don’t limit your gaze to what you know or who you know, but focus on Whom you know.  God alone–and a relationship with Him that is eternal–is the Supreme Goal.  God never changes and He cannot be removed from His place as the King of Glory.

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