“The Reward of Highest Value”


He received a medical degree from New York University College of Medicine.

He received an appointment to the Virus Research Laboratory at the University of Pittsburg.

He received an assignment from the army to develop a vaccine against influenza.

And, among the many honors he has received, was a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Jonas Salk, however, is not known for what he received, but for what he gave.

He and his team of researchers gave their efforts to prepare an inactivated polio virus that could serve as an immunizing agent against polio.  By 1952, they had created a vaccine and in 1955, the vaccine was released for widespread use in the United States, virtually ending the ravaging crippling effects of polio.

You will receive many opportunities in life, and very likely, a number of certificates, diplomas or awards of various types.  What will ultimately count, however, is what you do with the training you have received and the skills and traits you have developed.

Find a way to give, create, or generate something today that will benefit others.  In that is not only a potential for fame and reward, but also great personal satisfaction–the reward of highest value.

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