Worry Doesn’t Pay

Opera star Marguerite Piazza was at the height of her career, married to a devoted husband, mother of six healthy children.  And then her world seemed to turn upside-down.  Her husband died suddenly and soon after, a spot on her cheek was diagnosed as melanoma, a deadly type of cancer.  She was told that a disfiguring surgery to remove her cheek was her only hope for survival.  The same day she received that news, she was scheduled to sing at a sell-out audience.

She says, “What do you do at a time like that?  You do what you are paid to do, and I was paid to lift people with my talent.  So, as I stood in the wings of the opera house, I prayed.   Then I hung my troubles on a hanger and left them in the closet.”

She performed her heart out and even after her surgery, she remained beautiful, raised her family and continued to sing!

Rather than hang his worries in a closet, a man took another approach.  He put them in a box.  Each time he had a worry, he’d write it down and deposit it.  Then, on Worry Wednesday, he read the contents of his box.  To his amazement, most of the things he had been worried about had already been resolved.  He soon discarded the box!

Worry doesn’t pay.  It only bogs you down.

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