IThe Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey writes:

“One of the most inspiring times Sandra and I have ever had took place over a four-year period with a dear friend of ours named Carol, who had a wasting cancer disease.  She had been one of Sandra’s bridesmaids, and they had been best friends for over twenty-five years.

When Carol was in the very last stage of the disease, Sandra spent time at her bedside helping her write her personal history.  She returned from those protracted and difficult sessions almost transfixed by admiration for her friend’s courage and her desire to write special message to be given to her children at different stages of their lives.

Coral would take as little pain-killiong medication as possible, so that she had full access to her mental and emotional faculties.  Then she would whisper into a tape recorder or to Sandra directly as she took notes.  Carol was so proactive, so brave and so concerned about others that she became an enormous source of inspiration to many people around her.”

In today’s world, perhaps one trait is needed desperately.  Seek to develop it.  It’s called…courage.

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