One of the greatest disasters of history took place in 1271.

In that year, Niccolo and Matteo Polo, the father and uncle of Marco Polo, visited the Kubla Khan, who was considered the world ruler–with authority over all of China, all of India, and all of the East.

The Kubla Khan was attracted to the story of Christianity as Niccolo and Mateo told it to him.  He said to them, “You shall go to your high priest and tell him, on my behalf, to send me a hundred men skilled in your religion and I shall be baptized, and when I am baptized, all my barons and great men will be baptized and their subjects will receive baptism, too, and so there will be more Christians here than there are in your parts.”

Nothing was done, however, in response to what the Kubla Khan had requested.  Only after thirty years were a handful of missionaries sent!  Too few, too late.

The West, apparently, did not have the vision to see the East won to Christ.  The mind boggles at the possible ways the world might be different today if thirteenth-century China, India, and the other areas of the Orient had become fully Christian.

If you lack vision today, ask God for it.  He has wonders to reveal to you that you can’t yet imagine!

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