Month: August 2012

Be Slow To Judge

  In the 1700s, an English cobbler kept a map of the world on his workshop wall so that he might be reminded to pray for the nations of the world.  As the result of such prayer, he became especially

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“I Am The Path”

  E. Stanley Jones tells the story of a missionary who became lost in an African jungle.  Looking around, he saw nothing but bush and a few clearings.  He stumbled about until he finally came across a native hut.  He

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Your Choice of Friends

  When Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes moved to Washington DC to take up his duties on the Supreme Court, he transferred his church membership letter to a Baptist church in the area. It was customary for all new members

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Something More Important In Life

A former campaign manager for President George Bush and chairman of the Republican National Committee, Lee Atwater had accomplished the two things he had wanted to do by the time he was forty.  Then he was diagnosed with a malignant

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Last July 11, 2012, I wrote a blog post regarding a sponsored giveaway where three winners will be chosen (at random and not by me, mind you) and will win a signed copy of my first book WINGED: THE AWAKENING.

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