Talk Back To Tigers


Several years ago, a well-known television circus show developed an act involving Bengal tigers.  The act was performed live before a large audience.

One night, the tiger trainer went into the cage with several tigers and the door was routinely locked behind him.  Spotlights flooded the cage and television cameras moved in close so the audience could see every detail as he skillfully put the tigers through their paces.

In the middle of the performance, the worst happened: the lights went out.

For nearly thirty long dark seconds, the trainer was locked in with the tigers in the darkness.  With their superb night vision, the tigers could see him, but he could not see them.  Still, he survived.  And when the lights came on, he calmly finished his performance.

When the trainer was asked how he felt, he admitted feeling chilling fear at first, but then, he said, he realized that even though he couldn’t see the big cats, they didn’t know he couldn’t see them.

He said, “I just kept cracking my whip and talking to them until the lights came on.  They never knew I couldn’t see them as well as they could see me.”

Keep talking back to the tigers that seem to be stalking you.  They will obey your voice of faith!

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