The World Envisioned By Prayer


Both a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv and a bridge that spans the Jordan River are named in honor of Viscount Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, a British soldier.  As commander of the Egyptian Expeditionary Forces, he outwitted and defeated the Turks in Palestine in 1917 and 1918, conquering Jerusalem without ever firing a single gun.

As a British soldier, Allenby was noncommittal about the official British policies concerning the establishment of a Jewish National Home, but he did have a deep understanding of the Jews’ desire to dwell in Palestine.

At a reception in London, he once told how–as a little boy–he had knelt to say his evening prayers, repeating with his childhood lisp the words his mother prayed: “And, O Lord, we would not forget Thine ancient people, Israel; hasten the day when Israel shall again be Thy people and shall be restored to Thy favor and to their land.”

Allenby concluded, “I never knew then that God would give me the privilege of helping to answer my own childhood prayers.”

What you pray today may very well be part of tomorrow’s work.  The world you envisioned in prayer may very well be the world in which you one day live!

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