Impart Dignity and Self-Worth!


Which virtuous behavior will still be required in Heaven?


No.  There will be nothing to fear in Heaven.


No.  We will have all that we desire.


No.  We will be in the presence of the Source of our faith, and all those things for which we have believed will have their fulfillment in Him and by His hand.

Acts of charity towards those in need?

No.  There will be no hunger, thirst, nakedness, or homelessness in Heaven.  All needs will be supplied.


No.  For there will be no more tears and no more pain.


Yes!  There will still be room for the exercise of courtesy,  the kind greeting, the simple manners that offend no one but ease the way of all.

Good manners help win friends.  They please others.  Good manners help put people at ease, which in turn makes them more cooperative and happy.  Immanuel Kant once said, “Always treat a human being as a person, that is, as an end in himself, and not merely as a means to your end.  Strive to impart dignity and self-worth to all you meet.  Consider it a dress rehearsal for a future life in Heaven!”

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